Do you know that you need to lose weight but just can’t bear the thought of another diet? Well here is the good news, you can start making permanent life changes, one step at a time.  These things don’t have to be done all at once, just pick one at a time and start today.

  1. Eliminate beverages that contain calories like juices, sodas, sweet teas, and many coffee drinks which have a lot of calories that can add up quickly.
  2. Don’t eat fast food: ok everything in moderation but this is one you can just eliminate, lots of calories and other unhealthy ingredients.
  3. Go back to basics: eliminate anything processed, discard or donate boxed prepared or frozen foods you have in your kitchen to a food pantry.
  4. Eat Breakfast and Lose WeightEat breakfast: It breaks your overnight fast, kick starts your metabolism for the day and keeps you from over eating later.
  5. Cut what you would normally eat for dinner in half, put it in a to go container and you have lunch for tomorrow and half the calories.
  6. Eat slowly: it is true it does take time for some of the signals that tell your brain that you are full to work.
  7. Eat every 3-4 hours: this helps regulate your blood sugar and keeps you from getting so hungry that you are more likely to overeat.
  8. Have a Plan: being prepared by having healthy foods available in your kitchen and available wherever you are throughout your day helps to keep you from seeking a quick hunger fix which is often fast food or other unhealthy choices.
  9. Be Aware: it is best not to eat while watching TV or surfing the internet. You are likely to be less aware of how much food you are eating.
  10. Move: whatever you like, whatever you can do to get up get out and move…burn calories, have more energy, increase muscles….so many benefits it should be on every health related top 10 list !

**Oh and a bonus tip…DON’T DIET…make changes, slowly if you need to, that are permanent. If diets worked there wouldn’t be so many, people would follow one, lose weight and be done!!!

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