Aj Mihrzad takes you through his experience and personal health transformation that made him the successful fitness professional he is today. A9R29D2Listen in as Aj shares his winning tips as a mentor to beat the common mind traps that we all experience to overcome the fat mentality once and for all.


AJ Mihrzad is the owner of Life Fuel Fitness which is based in Great Neck, NY and is the founder of LifeFuel Supplements along with fitness software called LeanBuddy.


A9R29D0“How Does a Man Who Was 53 lbs Overweight and Suffering From Agonizing Back-Pain Get Into Fitness Model Shape Practically Overnight and Help Thousands of Others To Lose Fat At Such A Rapid Rate Their Own Families Don’t Even Recognize Them?”


AJ is also the author of the best selling book; “The Mind Body Solution”, Train your Brain for Permanent Weight Loss where he proves that the key to a better body that’s in shape, energized and youthful is a healthy brain. AJ is a Fitness professional and has a Masters in Psychology. He has also been featured in Men’s fitness and on Bodybuilding.com and is a keynote speaker at various events.







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