Not long ago it was discovered that the pH level inside your body had a significant effect on the development of both serious medical conditions and overall wellness. Researchers found that a more acidic environment was a breeding ground for disease where an alkaline environment contributed to better defense against it. So the alkaline water benefits were later naturally discovered.

You might enjoy the taste and benefits of pineapple water and coconut water. Now let’s find out about this one. Drinking alkaline water has become one of the ways that many people are taking back control of their health. Let’s take a look at 10 amazing benefits of alkaline water, dosage and precautions. But it would be helpful to define alkaline water first.

alkaline water benefits

What Is Alkaline Water?

When discussing and defining alkaline water, you must first compare the difference between three terms; alkaline, neutral and acidic. These three terms are gradients on the pH scale. The pH scale moves from zero, which is the most acidic point on the scale, to fourteen, which is the most alkaline point on the scale. The gradients on the pH scale on either side of seven are considered to be mostly neutral. The chemical properties of a compound below seven are more acidic and chemical properties above seven are more alkaline.

From the above understanding of the pH scale, you can see that alkaline water is going to be any water that rates above seven on the scale. Most alkaline water ranges anywhere from 7, which is technically neutral, to 9.5 on the scale. So by introducing alkaline water into your body, you bring your body to a chemical state, which is closer to neutral and slightly above. By doing this, you reduce your risk of fostering an environment more friendly to the development of diseases and keep your body in a state of balance.

Alkaline water is water that has a greater abundance of the minerals calcium, silica, potassium, magnesium, and bicarbonate. These minerals promote alkalinity in your blood. Studies indicate that most typical diets are acidic to varying degrees. Those most prone to heart disease, hormone imbalances, bone or muscle loss and cancer tend to range toward the more acidic end of the pH scale. By adding alkaline water to your diet, you raise your blood pH toward a more neutral or slightly alkaline state. This helps your body metabolize nutrients more effectively. It also allows those nutrients to provide their maximum benefits to your health.

Top 10 Amazing Benefits of Alkaline Water

Cancer Fighter

At the top of the list of alkaline water benefits is a mountain of research, according to Cancer Fighting Strategies. The discoveries indicate that it helps in the fight against cancer, because cancer cells prefer an acidic environment.

Cure for Psoriasis

Psoriasis Self Management points to replacing acidic beverages with alkaline water benefits your body in such a way as to be a major contributor to getting control over and curing psoriasis.

Body Detox

Researchers at Metaprotenomics Nutrigenomics Research Center suggest that alkaline water benefits your overall health. It does this by helping to detoxify acidic conditions which effect bone strength, kidney function and muscular atrophy.

Weight Loss Aid

An additional item among the many alkaline water benefits is shown in a study published in High Beam Research. Therefore, drinking alkaline water had a significant impact on weight reduction.

Diabetes Prevention

A Chinese study suggests that alkaline water benefits in the prevention of diabetes and in maintaining a balanced blood glucose level.

Anti-inflammatory Aid

A University of California research team discovered that alkaline water benefits colon health and intestinal health. It does this by reducing the inflammatory response in those areas.

Lowers Cholesterol

An interesting study out of Shanghai cites another of the many alkaline water benefits indicate a lowering of blood lipids, triglycerides and overall cholesterol from regular consumption.

Treatment of Acid Reflux

The cause of acid reflux, too much pepsin, remains stable at a pH of 7.4 when adequate amounts of alkaline water are consumed according to the Voice Institute of New York. The article points to another of winner on our list of alkaline water benefits.

Prevent Cognitive Decline

Preventing cognitive decline is another among the top alkaline water benefits that needs to be considered. A French study cites a reduction of cognitive decline while subjects drank alkaline water.

Lowers Blood Pressure

A Jilin Province Lab in China reports a significant lowering of blood pressure as another of the most celebrated alkaline water benefits.

alkaline lemonade

Tip: Use the alkaline water in a lemonade and enjoy its refreshing taste!

A Note of Caution

The issue that typically arises with any health craze is that people tend to overdo it. It is erroneous to think that if some of a good thing is good, more of it is better. This is the case with alkaline water. So keeping your blood at a neutral to slightly alkaline state is good. But going too far toward alkalinity can also cause issues. Here are a few of those issues:

  • Kidney Function: People who have a kidney condition or who are taking medication to aid their kidney function might tend to accumulate the alkaline minerals in their bodies. This leads to the formation of kidney stones.
  • Metabolic Alkalosis: This is a condition in which too high of a pH or a blood chemistry that is too alkaline leads to a medical condition. It causes confusion, nausea, vomiting, hand tremors, muscle twitching and tingling in the face, hands and/or feet.
  • Reduced Stomach Acidity: Stomach acid and the acids contained in your saliva are essential for the breaking down or digestion of food. Consequently, the acidity in your stomach will decrease and it might cause problems regarding food digestion.
  • Destruction of Beneficial Bacteria: By creating an environment that is too alkaline, you also create an environment which will destroy bacteria. But some bacteria are necessary to help metabolize and absorb nutrients into your body.

Most likely the optimal pH of the water you were designed to drink is somewhere between 6.5 and 8. Above or below this level may have other purposes, such as disinfection, but I would be careful drinking water outside of these ranges.

This statement belongs to Doctor Joseph Mercola. So essentially, moderation is the key. Where alkaline water benefits your body, going to an extreme is potentially harmful.

Watering Up

Indeed, alkaline water has been something of a health fad. Its usage in moderation as a means of regulating your body’s pH level is documented. Still, you may use it to detox, lose weight, get control of acid reflux, lower your blood pressure or any one or more of the alkaline water benefits we’ve listed. Also, you can take control of your overall wellness with alkaline water.

If you’ve seen additional alkaline water benefits not listed in this article please feel free to comment below.

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