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Getting healthy is extremely rewarding. You feel line you have the energy to take on the entire world, you look your best and you feel amazing. Getting through each step of the process is a small triumph. With Humana Vitality, you can get actual rewards for your progress so that you feel appreciated for the effort you put into it.

Imagine getting movie and concert tickets, hotel stays, music downloads, or fitness gear just because you have succeeded to improve your health. It will help you feel motivated to continue on the path to a better health and you will have something fun to remember for each and every milestone in your journey.

Let us tell you the main things about the Humana Vitality program, so that you can start changing your life today! Take a look!

What Is Humana Vitality?

Humana Vitality is a program meant to guide Humana members to a healthier tomorrow. It all starts with taking a health assessment and a vitality check to calculate your vitality age. This is the true age of your body and it depends on how well you take care of it.

If you have a sedentary lifestyle, work long hours, and don’t have time to exercise, then your vitality age is bound to be bigger than your real age. However, unlike your official age, you can actually lower your vitality age by getting into shape.

The Humana Vitality Team will be right there to help you with that. They will develop a long-term plan for you that is personalized for your specific needs. You will establish the health goals you want to achieve and once you start working your way towards them, you will start earning rewards for your progress.

Tracking your journey will earn you points for every single step you take towards getting healthier. From exercising to maintaining a healthy diet and getting informed about the things that could make you healthier, Humana Vitality will provide you with points for your effort.

Then you can use those points to buy anything you want from the Humana Vitality Mall, which includes stores like Amazon, Apple, Macy’s, or Target. You will have a wide range of options that will actually contribute to your long-term health plan. You can opt for things like fitness gear and apparel, healthy food or cooking devices that will help you get the most out of your diet.

Get the Humana Vitality App

In order to get as many points as possible, you need to track your progress in your personal program. Get the Humana Vitality app and you can connect every step of the way. Take a look at all the things that you can do with the app:

  • You can take your health assessment directly on you smartphone!
  • Set the goals you want to achieve and find out how! Here are a few of the options: Get ActiveStress LessEat BetterLose WeightGet More Sleep, or Adjust a Smoking Habit.
  • Connect with a Health Coach! You can call directly from the mobile app and a Humana Vitality representative will guide you through the following steps of your journey!
  • Track your Vitality status! You will start from Blue status and you can work your way up to Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. The higher your status, the more perks you will get!
  • Enroll in Vitality Healthy Food! You can save up to 10% on any product with the Get for You label at Walmart.
  • Collect your Humana Vitality points for every step you take towards a healthier life! Track your daily run by using the app and you will earn points for it every single day!
  • Shop on the Humana Vitality Mall by using your phone! Buy a new camera, a movie ticket, or a brand new pair of running shoes with points that you have earned with your effort! Get a gift card from Target or Macy’s, which you can spend on anything you like or get health gear directly through the app.
  • Where to Take the Health Assessment and the Vitality Check

    You will need to take both of these to find out your vitality age and create your health plan. You can take the Health Assessment directly from the Humana Vitality app or you can go to It will take you approximately 15 minutes to get through this questionnaire. It will be focused on your general health, your activity, and dietary habits, as well as your exercise patterns.

    Remember that this is only the first step you need to take in order to find out your vitality age. The second is the Vitality Check that you will need to schedule with Humana. Go to and then to the My Humana Vitality section, and set up a meeting with an authorized clinician.

    The medial specialist will check your weight, your blood pressure and your Body Mass Index (BMI) and then he/she will take a blood sample to determine your Cholesterol and Blood Glucose. After you complete both steps you will receive your vitality age and then you can finally start actively contributing to bettering your health through the Humana Vitality program.

    The Humana Vitality Status Hierarchy

    When you set off on your Humana Vitality journey, you will be awarded the Blue Vitality status. Then, the more you invest in your health, the higher your status will get and the more perks and special offers you will have access to! Take a look at the status hierarchy:

    1. Blue Vitality Status

    This is ground zero on the program because at this point you do not have access to discounts on the Humana Vitality Mall. However, you can start moving up by taking the Health Assessment on the official website or on the app.

    2. Bronze Vitality Status

    Once you have completed the Health Assessment, you will be immediately awarded the Bronze Vitality Status and you can finally start earning your points. You can also enroll in the Vitality Health Food program, which offers you discounts on the healthiest products at Walmart.

    3. Silver Vitality Status

    You will have to earn at least 5,000 points to move up to this status, but your effort will get you a 10% discount on the Humana Vitality Mall as well as many other special perks.

    4. Gold Vitality Status

    It will take 8,000 points to get to the Gold Status, but your Humana Vitality Mall discount will be increased to 20%. You will be able to buy the best fitness gear on this online store and you can pay in Vitality Points or Vitality Bucks.

    5. Platinum Vitality Status

    At 10,000 Vitality Points, you will be awarded the Platinum Vitality Status, which will earn you a whopping 40% discount on the Humana Vitality Mall. You will receive excellent offers on everything from computers to home items and a wide range of fitness and health gear that can help you reach your goals.

    If Humana Vitality sounds like the program for you, then begin your journey today! Take advantage of all the healthy rewards offered through the plan to achieve your goals and lower your vitality age! We guarantee that you will have an amazing time because you will get to follow your own progress, which will make the results all that more satisfying.

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