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CoQ10 sounds like the name of a droid from some sort of interstellar adventure. But it is actually an essential enzyme which has all sorts of benefits for your health. We’re going to take a look at 10 lesser known CoQ10 benefits your need to know about in this article.

But before we do, we need to define exactly what CoQ10 is.

coq10 benefits

What Is CoQ10?

Coenzyme Q10 functions as an antioxidant in the human body. Our cells utilize this coenzyme to produce the necessary energy for growth and maintenance. The heart, liver, kidneys, and pancreas contain the highest concentrations of CoQ10 in our bodies and its presence is critical in the proper functioning of these major organs. As we age, our CoQ10 levels decrease and its deficiency begins to cause issues such as:

‚ÄĘ Cancer;
‚ÄĘ Diabetes;
‚ÄĘ Heart failure;
‚ÄĘ Parkinson‚Äôs disease;
‚ÄĘ Genetic disorders.

Also, it is necessary to replace or supplement our CoQ10 deficiency with supplements or with foods that are high in this coenzyme.

  • Obviously, heart, liver, and kidney organ meats are going to be good sources of CoQ10.
  • But it can also be found in beef, sardines and mackerel.
  • Meats are not the only source of CoQ10. The coenzyme can also be found in spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, peanuts and whole soy beans.

Supplementation of CoQ10 typically becomes necessary after the age of 40. Therefore, the recommended dosage of CoQ10 supplement is 60 to 100 mg per day. For those with high blood pressure, cholesterol issues or who have experienced heart failure, the recommended dosage is three times that amount. Let’s take a look at 10 lesser known CoQ10 benefits you need to know about which are backed by scientific research.

10 CoQ10 Benefits That Might Surprise You

Cell Function

Proper cell function is one of the most important of the many CoQ10 benefits, because cells are the building blocks of our organs and other tissues.

A Journal of the American College of Nutrition article explains the biochemical functions which are critically effected on a cellular level by the CoQ10 coenzyme.

Helps Increase Fertility

For most, increased fertility, as one of CoQ10 benefits, might not be all that desirable. But for those who do desire increased fertility, it is good to know that CoQ10 can help facilitate that.

An Israeli study found that the use of CoQ10 supplement increased not only sperm motility, but also sperm quality by a factor of 35% and 26% respectively.

Treatment of Heart Disease

A journal article review from Europe PMC cites that CoQ10 benefits the management of chronic heart failure in a significant way.

The study saw such significance in CoQ10’s efficacy that it is being called a breakthrough treatment for chronic heart failure management.

Treatment for Fatty Liver Disease

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) treatment is also among the many CoQ10 benefits. Iranian researchers indicated that there was great:

Potential for coQ10 therapy in improving several anthropometric and biochemical variables in NAFLD.


Our bodies become deficient of CoQ10 as we age. But then is stands to reason that longevity is also one of the CoQ10 benefits.

Chinese studies indicate that the coenzyme plays an important role in enhancing the aging process of stem cells, thereby contributing to longevity.

Immune System Support

Additional studies reported in Europe PMC indicate that CoQ10 benefits immune system support in a significant way. Said the study:

It was concluded that CoQ10, at the mitochondrial level, is essential for the optimal function of the immune system.

Nervous System Support

Nervous system support is also among the major CoQ10 benefits. CoQ10 showed great promise in the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases like Huntington’s disease. This is according to a study conducted at Massachusetts General Hospital.

Cancer Treatment Aid

A University of South Hampton, UK, inquiry pointed to how CoQ10 benefits cancer patients by making their treatments more tolerable. There are indications that CoQ10 helps to reduce the overall toxic effects of cancer treatment.

Essential for Individuals Taking Statins

One of the drawbacks to taking statins is that they decrease the amount of CoQ10 in your bloodstream according to Japanese researchers. Consequently, those who take statins will reap significant CoQ10 benefits with supplementation.

Treatment for Obesity

Research conducted in Belgium indicates that CoQ10 benefits individuals suffering from obesity. CoQ10 supplementation tends to:

Lower the hepatic oxidative stress and inflammation associated with diet-induced obesity.

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A Note of Caution

It is necessary to note some of the drawbacks which are typically involved with taking a CoQ10 supplement.

  • Taking more than 100 mg of CoQ10 daily has caused mild insomnia in certain individuals.
  • Higher doses around 300 mg daily over an extended period of time tends to elevate levels of liver enzymes, though liver toxicity is not typically associated with these elevated levels.
  • Rashes, nausea, diziness, upper abdominal pain, sensitivity to light, headache and irritability, heartburn, are among the¬†potential side effects from taking CoQ10 supplements, though these symptoms are rare.
  • CoQ10 might have an adverse reaction with the blood thinner (anticoagulant) medicine warfarin (Coumadin) as well.

With CoQ10, and all other supplements, which are going to be used for therapeutic purposes, it is highly advised to seek the guidance of a health care professional in order to fully under the side effects and adverse reactions to prescription drugs that you might be taking.

A Final Word

As we age and face so many critical health conditions associated with our vital organs, it becomes increasingly important for us to up our intake of CoQ10. To reap the CoQ10 benefits which will maintain your overall, optimum health, you can either make use of supplements or increase the number or quantities of foods rich in CoQ10.

However, you choose to boost your cellular health or for whatever reason, take control of your health conditions with CoQ10 and then tell us about your success stories in the section below.


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