Nutrition Expert David Grotto

A9R29C9David Grotto’s interest in nutrition grew after owning and managing a health food store for several years in the Chicago area. From there he chose to expand his expertise and be able to better cater to his customers needs by providing them with factual nutritional information that can be applied to their daily living without restricting their absolute favorites.

Taking his specialty one step further to now serving patients in their home environment through “Nutrition Housecall.” It’s here, that the client’s habitual patterns get uncovered and then able to begin eliminating those daily triggers. Once a client experiences the Ah-Ha moment they land on the conclusion to finally implement real change.  Dave is the president and founder of Nutrition Housecall LLC, a nutrition consulting firm that’s based in Chicago that provides nutrition communications, speaking, and consulting services. He is also in private practice providing unique at-home diet and lifestyle counseling for families.


A9R29C7Dave wrote the acclaimed book, 101 Foods That Could Save Your Life which is now out in eighteen different languages. His second book, 101 Optimal Life Foods, with a foreword written by Montel Williams, debuted in January of 2010 and his latest book, Best Things You Can Eat, will launch in January 2013. Dave is also a freelance writer and serves as an advisor to Fitness magazine plus blogs each week for the Real Nutrition community featured on WebMD.


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