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Emu oil benefits have been well-known among the Aborigines of Australia for more than 40,000 years, as these indigenous people have used it to treat wounds and protect their skin from the harsh elements of the Australian sun for millennia. When the Europeans went into the Australian bush, the Aborigines introduced emu oil benefits to them, and today, people all over the world are discovering how emu oil benefits reach far beyond helping the skin.

What Is Emu Oil?

An emu is a flightless bird, like the ostrich, that's native to Australia; but you can now find emu farms all over the world. The meat, feathers, and essential oil, which has many healing properties, are all desirable products. Emu oil is a bright yellow color made up mostly of fats just below the skin of the bird. Once those fat deposits are collected, they are filtered several times until a pure oil is rendered.

You can now find many products that contain emu oil, but keep in mind that not all emu oil is the same, because, depending on the refining process, which removes contaminants and bacteria, the purity will vary. Some emu oils are refined many more times than others; it is important to read labels to ensure you are getting the highest quality product to ensure the best emu oil benefits.

There are organizations that certify emu oil products, and they make sure the birds are being treated humanely and that the emu oil is pure. You can look for their seals when purchasing emu oil. A "fully refined" oil will be the purest, and it's these pure oils that are studied for their healing properties and benefits.

10 Emu Oil Benefits


 Moisturizes And Hydrates Skin

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Emu oil absorbs into the skin easily because it contains the same fat lipids found in human skin, and thanks to their similarities, emu oil can penetrate deep into the skin's layers, making emu oil a great moisturizer. Hydrated skin will help smooth out rough, dry hands, heels and elbows. Any dehydrated and cracked area will be thankful for the application of emu oil as the moisturizing properties go deep into the derma to help nourish the underlying layers and relieve flakiness, dryness, and even rashes.


 Heals Wounds

Bandaged hand

Emu oil stimulates the skin's cells to regenerate. The addition of emu oil to the wounded area will increase the flow of blood. This triggers the body to produce more cells to prevent any bleeding. The skins regeneration plus the increase in T-cells will heal burns, scars, and scratches. The application of emu oil even diminishes wrinkles and effects of overexposure to the sun. You can feel safe putting it on your skin, and the oil is can be sprayed on surfaces in your home, office or garden to help prevent infectious viruses and bacteria from breeding.


Lowers Cholesterol

Cholesterol level

Emu oil contains healthy fatty acids that may have cholesterol-lowing effects on the body. While research into the cholesterol-lowering properties of emu oil has not been conclusive, we know the essential fatty acids like Omega 3s in emu oil are similar to fish oils, as they have been proven to lower cholesterol. The linoleic acid found in emu oil also helps the body burn fat.


Helps Reduce Joint Pain

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Emu oil acts as an anti-inflammatory agent.  Swollen joints and muscles are one of the best benefits of applying emu oil to sore areas. Because emu oil can reduce swelling, it can be used to relieve the symptoms of arthritis, splints and carpal tunnel. A study published in Inflammopharmacology found that emu oil was equally effective as taking 2 ibuprofen. In fact, many of the participants felt it was better than an oral pain reliever.


Relieves Pain From Breast-Feeding


Often new mothers experience painful and dry nipples when they breastfeed. The nipple of the breastfeeding mother is not accustomed to being suckled on for many hours. The saliva from the infant's mouth can cause drying to the skin. The nipple and surrounding skin may crack, and this is very painful. Most moms do not want to discontinue breastfeeding, but it often becomes too unbearable to go on. A 2016 study published in the Journal of Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine found that applying emu oil to the areola is effective in soothing damage caused by breastfeeding.




Emu oil is an anti-inflammatory liquid that has the power to reduce swelling. The oil is a much-needed relief for those who suffer from psoriasis and eczema

Thanks to emu oil’s anti-inflammatory properties, it has the power to reduce swelling and several skin conditions, such as psoriasis and eczema.  Its anti-inflammatory properties also help with reducing any inflammatory bowel discomforts.


 Promotes The Growth Of Hair And Nails

Hair growth

Once again the hydrating and moisturizing properties of emu oil make it great for increasing the volume and luster of the hair follicles. Increasing the blood circulation of the scalp stimulates hair growth, giving you more body, bounce, and volume. The moisturizing qualities give it shine. Emu oil also contains antioxidants which prevent the skin and nails from becoming damaged by environmental toxins. The Vitamin E in emu oil nourishes and protects and capable of reversing any previous damage. The nails cuticles are moistened and nourished by emu oil, reducing any chance of infections or fungus.


Fights Infections

Fights Infections

Not only are infections of the nails prevented and reversed, but emu oils can battle many kinds of bacterial growth that may affect the overall immune system. The antioxidants, and vitamins E and A in emu oil act like an antibiotic fighting off even some highly resistant germs. Research shows that emu oil's linolenic acid can treat tough gastrointestinal infections that can cause ulcers and intestinal disease.


Bug Repellant

Bug Repellant

Emu oil benefits don't stop at helping your health. The oil has a high level of terpenes, which create a bitter smell and taste to most insects, so applying emu oil to the skin before heading outdoors can help repel insects. Studies have shown the use of terpenes to be highly effective in repelling mosquitos, fleas, and lice. Even cockroaches seem to avoid the oil so if you find a few in your home or garage feel confident that the emu oil will repel the nasty bugs. Be careful where  you spray, however, as emu oil and can stain paint and wood.


 All Around Pet Use

emu oil for Pet use

As you can see from the above benefits, emu oil can help your dog or cat too, especially if your furry friend enjoys the outdoors. Your pet's skin can become dehydrated fast and you may not notice it until it is too late. Often we ignore these facts until our pet scratches themselves.

Using emu oil will not only hydrate and moisten the layer preventing dry itching skin but will add sheen to your pet's fur. The bug repellent property of emu oil will help prevent bites from fleas and ticks and if your pet is suffering from any joint pain or inflammation, try applying emu oil to the area.


Because compounds, found in emu oil, are so similar to that of human skin, it absorbs easily into our epidermis. Our skin recognizes the healthy fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamins, and it welcomes the emu oil benefits it provides. When a compound is introduced to the body that the body doesn't recognize, it often rejects it, and this can lead to allergies, rashes, and other more serious conditions. Emu oil's perfect composition makes it the perfect choice for moisturizing and nourishing skin, but emu oil benefits go far beyond just hydrating your skin and protecting it from the sun.

Emu oil helps heal wounds and reduce their inflammation which is beneficial to treat scars, scratches, bites and even serious conditions such as psoriasis and eczema.

Emu oil is used primarily as a topical ointment but can be ingested to help treat certain ailments. If you opt to use emu oil internally, we highly suggest a pure emu oil that has been refined and certified, and to check with your primary physician first. When purchasing emu oil or products containing emu oil, look for 100 percent pure-grade oil. We hope this article has helped you better understand emu oil benefits and how you can use it yourself!

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