Ever find yourself dragging at times throughout the day, maybe late afternoon or just after lunch? Find yourself reaching for the coffee or energy drinks? Well before you do that, try these simple, quick energizing strategies to charge your battery and get you refocused.

  1. Get outside and get some sunshine: just a few minutes of sunshine can help increase vitamin D levels. Low vitamin D can cause you to feel tired and has been linked with several diseases ,like diabetes. Furthermore, sunshine can increase melatonin and brain chemicals like serotonin can help to lift your overall mood.
  2. Eat a small healthy snack: Eating a small snack can help boost low blood sugar levels which helps to fuel your brain. However, if you consume too much food it can make you feel tired and sluggish while you are digesting the food. In addition, if you eat a snack that is all sugar like candy or soda it can give you an immediate boost but make you feel sluggish soon there after when blood sugar levels fall again.So small snacks mixed with protein, fats and carbohyrdates like yogurt, nuts or hummus can help give you an energy boost that sticks with you.
  3. Energy Boosters and MeditationDo 5 minutes of yoga. Don’t have time for a full yoga class? Don’t worry, you can still get the mind focusing, relaxing benefits associated with yoga by doing just a few minutes here and there. There are several videos and instruction online to show you a few poses.
  4. Walk up and down the steps. This is great exercise and will help to get your heart rate up, boost your metabolism and will increase blood flow to your legs and feet. Itll definitely get your blood pumping and keep you up for some time afterwards.
  5. Do some jumping jacks or push ups. Another way to give your metabolism a jump start and wake you up from sitting mode but you don’t have to wander far from your desk or office to do some basic exercises.
  6. Meditate. Meditation can lead to relaxation and  increased focus. There are many different styles of meditation and most only take a few short minutes. Do some research and find one that works for you.
  7. Pet a dog or cat. Petting a dog, cat or other pet can help to relieve stress and improve mood. If you are in a position to be near your pet during the work day, make this part of any break.
  8. Do a Visualization. Finding yourself unable to focus, wishing you were on a tropical beach? Well close your eyes and go there or wherever makes you feel relaxed, smell the air, feel the ground, hear the sounds and see the beauty and tranquility of your special stress free place. The relaxing effects will stay with you for hours after your “trip.”
  9. Give in and close your eyes for a few minutes. Some people find a quick cat nap or down time recharges them and allows them to focus. Others find it leaves them tired and wanting for more sleep. So definitely be sure you know which way it affects you before you doze off at work!
  10. Change the scenery. Feeling bored and unable to focus on your day ‘s task? Try changing the scenery. Take your laptop outside or to a different room or try changing from laptop to large screen if you are working on a computer for many consecutive hours.

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