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If you decided that you want to make a change in life regarding the way you eat and exercise, then you made the first step necessary on your fitness journey. Unfortunately, the road ahead is by no means easy. There are going to be plenty of times when things will get hard, and you will feel like giving up.

So how do you get through these impulses to quit? How do you turn a desire to lose weight into a successful fitness journey? In this article, we tackle these questions, and more so you can obtain multiple strategies for dealing with the challenges that surround a fitness journey.

So, if you want to get healthier and start a fitness plan, but do not know where to start, then you came to the right place. But, before we begin, let us first take a look at what a fitness journey actually is. That way, we get a better sense of how they differ from person to person.

What Is Fitness Journey?

woman stretching her leg

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A fitness journey is what it sounds like — the introduction and continued development of a fitness routine into someone’s life. A fitness journey does not come with a set time length or criteria, but it does usually consist of making dynamic changes to your lifestyle, diet, and exercise routine.  

When we think about the concept of a journey in movies or books, it usually comes with a clear beginning, middle, and end. Unfortunately, most fitness journey typically is not that clear cut. However, they do share a common trait with the popular idea of a character’s journey found in television and film.

For one thing, you are not the same person you were when you started the journey. Usually, a change occurs somewhere during the fitness journey. This change can hold positive aspects for many individuals.

Usually, people report some weight loss, more energy, and higher mood levels than before they began. But it is also important to remember that more often than not, people emerge from their journey more confused than when they started.

Change does not always come quickly, and some people need to take two steps backward before they can take one big one forward. Many people find that a fitness journey unveils a whole set of new challenges and concerns.

On your fitness journey, you may find that your priorities rearrange while you're on it, and this change is incredible. It is e, encouraged. For example, some people might begin their fitness journey to lose a set amount of weight.

However, while on this journey, these people may find that no matter how hard they stick to diet and exercise, they cannot lose their set amount of weight. But, despite not losing weight, they still like the way they feel after they eat healthy and workout.

Their mindset changed from wanting to lose weight (to please both themselves and others) to wanting to feel useful in general. In this article, we hope to introduce you to concepts like mindfulness and meal production, which can change the way you think about yourself and the way you cook.

Positive outcomes can come out of these journeys that are not merely losing weight. This point leads us to our next section regarding the reason people take fitness journeys.

Why Do People Take Fitness Journeys?

woman jogging

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Lots of things of different things inspire different people to start a fitness journey. Some people might start after receiving a severe health condition, like diabetes or high cholesterol. Others might do it to improve their moods or relieve stress. The most popular answer seems to be a desire to lose weight.

This answer helps explain why most fitness journeys begin on New Year's Eve. The concept of a clean slate excites people. Unfortunately, it seems that most people give up their fitness journeys within a few weeks.

Usually, the reason they give is they were not able to meet their expectations — which are typically set too high even to begin. While we do believe that everyone can accomplish their fitness journey, it will take a mindset of positive thinking and determination.

Ideally, you want to be at a place before you start your fitness journey where you are comfortable with the way you look. This step might be incredibly difficult for some people to accept, but the fact is when we set our standard unreasonably high, we quickly become upset with not seeing progress.

While any visual improvement is a right side effect, you should try and be at a place before you begin your fitness journey where you are in it for the experience itself: the way it makes you feel and the way it makes you think. That way, if you do lose weight, then it will just be a cherry on top of the fitness Sunday.

How To Embark On Your Fitness Journey

In this section, we give you some practical advice on how to navigate your specific fitness journey. As we mentioned before, everyone’s comes with different goals on their fitness journeys. And, more often than not, people find that at the end of the day, their goals become rearranged.

Still, it helps a lot for people to follow some guidelines. A lot of the stuff we list here will make the difference between success and failure. However, if any of these pieces of advice do not fit your budget, lifestyle, or schedule, then do not feel wrong about substituting one for others.

Choose An Exercise Routine That Works For You

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If you want to take a fitness journey, then you will probably need to exercise. But, if you hate, working out, then you are in luck. A fitness journey does not need to involve the gym every single day of the week. However, there is a minimum amount that you should try your very best to achieve.

Most experts agree that working out for twenty to thirty minutes at least four times a week is good enough for the average person. However, the amount of time you spend doing something is not the important thing. Instead, you should focus on the specific activities you do.

Try and choose a routine that does not feel like working out to you. While it is true that specific exercise help quickly burns fat and tone muscle than others, these workout methods will not matter if you hate doing them.

You will find it much harder sticking to a routine when you hate that routine — especially when you have a bad day and do not feel like doing anything. For example, walking, yoga, or sports can serve as great activities that people look forward to in the week to week operations.

Get creative too! The workout will you watch television, walk while you work or talk on the phone and go swimming. Find the healthy activities that you enjoy and incorporate them into your schedule.

Put Your Everyday Health First Before Starting


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A lot of people, when they first begin their fitness journey, expect working out to fit right into their daily life. Unfortunately, things are not always easy. Before we can start getting fit, we need to become healthy. And for a lot of people that means getting the proper amount of sleep and eating the right amount of food.

Exercising on an empty stomach or without enough sleep can cause a lot more damage than good. What is worse, lack of sleep and food can encourage us not to work out. If we did not get at least seven hours of sleep the night before, then the desire to use the ‘I’m tired’ excuse becomes all the more compelling.

If you find that working out exhausts you at the end of the day, then try and keep with it. Many people find that their body quickly adapts to their workout schedule. Plus, one of the benefits of working out includes more restful sleep so that one will help the other.

In Terms of Food, Go For Quality Over Quantity

salad and pot

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Always try and select all-natural meals. While diet foods and drinks usually claim to have zero calories, in actuality, they contain synthetic preservatives, sugars, colorings, and fats. While the excess amount of the standard version of sugar and fat is inadequate for you, a fake version is even worse.

They can even lower our immune system, which makes us more susceptible to sickness. The fake foods can also damage hormone receptors that produce fat burning chemicals. However, it is essential to note that the things you eat will not immediately help you lose weight.

If you choose a thin cut piece of chicken over a vitamin shake, then you will not see results that night. But over time, the nutrition from the original piece of chicken will serve you much better than crushed up protein powder ever will. Another excellent recommendation we give is cooking your meals at home.

While the prospect of this might seem intimidating to a lot of people, it actually helps with the way you diet a lot. For one thing, you are less inclined to make a full meal if you feel only a bit peckish, so it cuts out cravings.

On top of that, making a meal is usually more involved — especially if you make it from scratch. As such, you should be proud of yourself when you finish the meal because it took a significant effort to make.

One nutritionist once recommended a diet in which you can eat; however, much of something you want, as long as you make it from scratch. If you want a chocolate cake, then make a chocolate cake.

But, not using a pre-made mix or pre-made store frosting. We guarantee the effort deserves a reward, and you will probably be too tired afterward to do much of anything else.

Hire A Professional Trainer

coach and trainee

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We recommend hiring a professional trainer or fitness guide during the first phase of your journey — especially if you do not typically work out or eat healthily. Trainers usually do not cost too much, and they are worth it at least for a few session.

A trainer can give you some beginner exercise routines and walk you through yoga or spin class. Gyms are great, but they usually fill them with exercise equipment that is pretty intimidating to newcomers.

No one wants to look like someone who doesn’t know what they are doing, so many people ignore specific machines. But, when you ignore individual devices, you are missing out on a valuable opportunity to work out certain groups of muscles that often remain stagnant for long periods.

If you cannot afford a professional trainer, then a cheaper option might involve purchasing a workout DVD or watching videos on the internet. There are mainly effective fitness workouts you can do right at home without any gym equipment.

However, a gym environment and community can act as a right encouragement. Alternatively, if you have one, you can get a more experienced friend who knows how to use the equipment to show you how to use it.  

Practice Mindfulness

woman doing yoga

Image by pixabay

At least some level of mindfulness is necessary for completing a fitness journey. So what is mindfulness? Mindfulness is a state of awareness — usually over things like thoughts, feelings, emotions, and body sensations. Mindfulness is used both as a therapeutic technique and in meditation or yoga.

While it is tied frequently to spirituality and Eastern religions, mindfulness comes with more health and lifestyle benefits than you can imagine. Mindfulness increases our perception of ourselves.

When we close our eyes and try to meditate, we usually find that intrusive thoughts, like overdue bills or broken relationships, begin clouding our mind. If you think meditation and mindfulness will not work for you because of these intrusive thoughts, then think again.

These thoughts are quite typical, and they can play over and over again in our heads— kind of like a top ten most significant hits of evil thoughts. But, when we meditate and practice mindfulness enough, then we begin to identify the pattern our brain plays.

Once we get to the root of where these evil thoughts come from, then you can begin the great act of acceptance. Acceptance is vital to any fitness journey. If you accept your body the way it is, then you will find the path to a healthy lifestyle become much more apparent.

Now, as we mentioned, this process is a lot easier said than done. But it does work for thousands of people, and if you incorporate it into your journey, then you will find a wide variety of positive changes.

Another way that mindfulness helps our fitness journey is by making us more deliberate in our actions. Studies find that taking the time to meditate can help us stick to our schedule, whether it be working out or journaling.

Do Not Pay Attention To Your Weight

someone measuring waist

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Do not get caught up in the numbers game. If you focus too much on losing weight, then you will quickly become disappointed by how much you are not missing. This disappointment will, in turn, make you quit since you do not see immediate results.

As we mentioned before, this reason is why so many New Year's resolutions fail. People want a trim body, and they want it now. Instead, take pride in the fact that you made a positive change in your life by choosing this fitness journey.

Also, revel in the happy moods you feel and the increased amount of energy. See the worth in a healthy diet and workout without needing to see weight loss. Plus, over time, if you keep at it you probably will see at least some weight gone.

Why You Should Consider Taking A Fitness Journey

Fitness journeys serve an incredibly important function. A healthy lifestyle increases your odds of living longer, but they also do something much more important than that. They improve the overall quality of our lives.

A lot of the time, the depression, anger, and pain we feel comes from our bodies telling us they need something.

When we will fill these needs with temporary crutches like sugars and loafing on the couch, we are cheating ourselves out of feeling better. As such, a simple fitness journey can quickly reveal the need for a better exercise routine and a better diet.  

It turns out the old saying ‘you are what you eat’ was not that wrong. Eating vegetables and fruit, while cutting out processed sugar makes us feel better. What is more, we even taste things more noticeable. If you drink a can of soda a day and eat a strawberry, then it will probably seem a little bitter in comparison.

This reason is that your body has essential built up a tolerance to sugar. If you eat a natural diet, then you can regain your understanding of sweet receptors.

When you do, that strawberry will taste like the sweetest thing in the world. We hope this article convinced you of the importance of the fitness journey and gave you some helpful advice on how to complete yours. Good luck with your future fitness journey! We wish you the best of luck.

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