Food Fasting

It’s been around forever and it’s a very vital part of the body’s healing process.

Let me get right to the point. We are killing ourselves with the wrong type of food, mostly processed foods, sweets, animal products and not eating high nutrient super foods fruits and vegetables, beans, nuts, onions, mushrooms and berries.

It’s all about establishing an optimal nutritional environment so the body can repair itself. But sometimes, over time, an autoimmune disease like an allergy or asthma, inflammatory bowel disease, Crohn’s disease colitis, lupus – these are certain conditions where we can accelerate the recovery with some episodes of fasting.



There are certain conditions where using fasting in addition to a nutrient rich diet, that’s designed to prevent or even reverse disease, can have some amazing results. So what I’m saying is fasting and eating healthy can conquer disease.  Its best not to be nutritionally bankrupt before you start a fast, or you’ll be even more nutritionally depleted, which will slow your metabolic rate.

I should make it clear that fasting by itself is not what I’m recommending, it’s just one little tool that can accelerate healing.  In doing so we can we can help remove certain built up metabolic waste products and toxins that can interfere with healing.

But as you fast longer and longer the ability for the body to remove the buildup of metabolic waste diminishes. You then have to frame it with a lifestyle change and you have to get your body used to fasting. After that point you can increase the length of time in which you can fast.

What about healthy people?  It’s been proven that fasting here can extend human lifespan. Fasting, once again, in conjunction with excellent nutrition, will possibly increase the human lifespan. We can push the envelope of human longevity as long as we possibly can. It’s been studied in science, with humans and animals.  When a human or an animal eats properly and they eat less animal protein less cheese less sugar less dairy products they are going to be healthier and naturally able to repair cell damage.

I’m going to give you some examples of specific ailments and explain how effective fasting can be.

Back Pain.

So many times back pain is a sign that a person’s going to eventually develop heart disease because it involves decreased circulation to the joint tissue and back. It occurs when circulation is compromised in the major blood vessels that feed blood to the heart. It’s due to being out of shape, by poor muscle tone, a poor diet and nutrition and by the aging of the disks prematurely. Clearly something like back pain is a sign that we can we can look at our health and do something different. And of course, optimal nutrition will help with that.

Fasting really plays a more important role in auto immune diseases such as lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, and inflammatory diseases such as eczema and psoriasis.

Some people who suffer from these diseases can develop problems even from eating healthy foods, even they can begin to bother them. When not ingesting food, it gives the body a chance to rest and reduce the pain and inflammation. A person’s inflammatory markers drop precipitously so here’s where the judicious use of fasting by a person with expertise: in conjunction with nutritional excellence can give these people with auto immune disease true hope and the opportunity to really recover and get well.

People don’t get well with the drug approach, where you’ll still have a pretty poor life when you go that route. What we do using medications and taking the conventional approach is that the most of these drugs are immuno-suppressive chemotherapeutic agents that increase your risk of cancer dramatically. We’re talking about dramatic enhancement in the potential to get cancer at a younger age a result of taking these medications. So something as simple as a natural diet and fasting can enable recovery and give people the possibility of achieving a total recovery here as opposed to being on dangerous medications with serious side effects for the rest of your life. Which would you choose to do?

Coronary Heart Disease

Using fasting can help bring back more youthful elasticity to tissues.  Just like the other conditions we mentioned, in appropriate cases, fasting can be used in conjunction with healthy eating and getting them through an increased physical fitness and hence a superior nutrition.

Your health is so important and you can improve it my choosing the right foods. Do that on a consistent basis. Give your body a rest from food when needed, and live a healthier – and longer – life naturally.

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