Do you strive to eat healthy but find the idea of preparing meals just overwhelming? Or are you too busy to even consider spending an hour in the kitchen to prepare a meal? Do you think it’s just easier to go out for meals? Or do you just plain hate to cook? Well here are some Quick Easy Healthy meals you can prep and cook in just a few minutes, as long as you have the ingredients on hand. But you will notice that many of the ingredients repeat themselves so it doesn’t require a lot of food shopping. Let’s start with a simple shopping list.

Shopping List:

  • Whole grain Tortillas, Pita, Naan, or FlatBread
  • Tomato Sauce
  • Canned Organic Black Beans (yes, soaked are better but not for food prep haters)
  • Canned Garbanzo Beans
  • Cheese: Soy, Rice, low fat (your choice)
  • Extra Firm Tofu
  • Whole Grain quick cooking Cous-Cous and or Brown Rice
  • Whole grain or Brown Rice Pasta
  • Spinach
  • Potato (sweet or white)
  • Avocado
  • Walnuts
  • Veggies and lots of them (pick what is in season and pick what you like)
  • Olive Oil
  • Olive Oil based salad dressing
  • Pine Nuts
  • Hummus
  • Plain Yogurt (soy or regular your choice)



There are many variations in crusts and  toppings to change it up.

  • Pita and Foods For More EnergyTry whole grain Tortilla, Pita, Naan or Flatbread as the crust
  • Top with canned tomato sauce or spaghetti sauce
  • Add lots of veggies any kind you like you can sauté them in a frying pan first or just throw them on there raw for a crunchier taste
  • Add black beans (canned organic rinsed well in strainer) or tofu
  • Cheese low fat; veggie or rice cheese
  • Bake at 400 until cheese is melted


  • 2 whole wheat tortillas
  • Cheese (Soy, Rice, Low Fat)
  • Veggies (optional)
  • Black beans or Tofu (optional)
  • Turn stove on medium heat, spray frying pan with non-stick olive oil spray or olive oil. Place Tortilla in pan, add filling, place other one on top; cook until the tortilla is brown, flip and cook  until the tortilla is brown.


  • Whole wheat or brown rice noodles
  • Spaghetti sauce (definitely read labels on these and look out for salt and sugar)
  • Finely chopped veggies
  • Extra firm tofu cut in small pieces
  • Black beans
  • Cook veggies in frying pan while pasta is boiling. When veggies are cooked put them in the sauce with black beans and heat in pot or microwave.

Energy Boost Cous Cous

  • Quick cook cous cous (can sub brown rice, Quinoa, pasta etc.) always make extra to have in fridge
  • Add beans and raw veggies
  • Mix plain yogurt or soy yogurt
  • Add seasoning or sauce of choice and mix together
  • Serve over spinach
  • Pasta Salad
  • Cook pasta (whole wheat or rice pasta) tri color looks best
  • While the pasta is cooking chop veggies of choice
  • Mix veggies and pasta with beans of choice add Olive oil based dressing
  • Top with pine nuts
  • Tofu and or cheese is optional


  • You can buy lots of healthy store made hummus or you can make your own
  • Hummus can be used to dip toasted Pita or Flatbread in, it can be mixed with finely chopped veggies and served in a wrap or it can be used to dip raw veggies in. It can also be used to stuff baked potatoes

Twice Baked Potato

  • You can use a sweet or white potato for this
  • Bake in oven or microwave (make several and keep them in the fridge)
  • When its cooked scoop potato out of skin into bowl mix with soy or plain yogurt, cheese and finely chopped veggies of choice. Place back in skin and top with Hummus. Drizzle with olive oil and bake until filling is brown

Easy Salad

  • One minute whole wheat cous cous (ideally cold)
  • Mix with beans, raw veggies of choice, and olive oil based salad dressing. Top with avocado slices and walnuts serve over spinach

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