Some describe crepey skin as being thin and wrinkled like crepe paper. It is typically associated with sun damage, a lack of moisture in the skin tissues, aging, and excessive weight loss. Though it is essentially harmless where your health is concerned, how to get rid of crepey skin is important to those who are doing their best to fight off those signs of aging. We have several methods for getting rid of crepey skin together with the science to back it up.

A Note of Caution

There are few dangers or conditions that might arise to permanently damage your overall health associated with crepey skin. There can be some pain associated with fractional laser or ultrasound treatments should you choose to go in that direction which you need to be aware of, but your health care professional can advise you of those risks before you undergo those procedures. Where our natural remedies are concerned, you will want to avoid wearing scratchy materials like wool next to areas you have treated with a moisturizer in order to avoid the higher risk of skin irritation. You also need to be very careful with treatments around your eyes.

What Is Crepey Skin?

Crepey skin is a natural process of aging. It is similar to wrinkles except that it tends to be accompanied by a thinning of the skin as well. Though it is most noticeable around the eyes, it can occur on the neck arms, legs or just about anywhere. Its primary causes include damage from the sun, a decrease in the production of collagen and elastin, dehydration and nutritional deficiencies. Other factors associated with crepey skin include smoking, high glucose levels, a sudden increase in weight loss, and other environmental factors. Though there are medical options to consider, you can treat most cases of crepey skin can at home.

Tying It Together

If you are fighting the process of aging, being armed with several remedies for how to get rid of crepey skin has probably already captured your interest. You can protect yourself against the advancement of crepey skin as well as reverse the effects through the use of one or more of the remedies we have listed above. Be sure to add other solutions, success stories or questions concerning our suggested remedies in the section provided below.


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