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Sometimes there's nothing more debilitating than a headache. A headache has a way of stopping you dead in your tracks. Even the most minor of headaches zaps your concentration, motivation, and ability to focus. At the far end of the spectrum, headaches will keep you in bed with your eyes shut tight in order to avoid the pain sunlight, and any kind of noise might cause your brain.

With so many kinds of headaches, it is important to know which you have. With the help of a headache chart, you'll identify which you have and, from there, find a way to take advantage of some home remedies that can reduce the suffering you're currently going through.

What Is A Headache Chart?

Not all headaches are created equal. As you've likely discovered over the years, some headaches are worse than others. The headache you're suffering from will play a role in how you treat the headache. A headache chart is designed to show you the different symptoms of each headache.

This way, you can go through the headache chart, identify which you are suffering from, and then from there go about treating what's causing the situation. That way, the faster you treat the headache, the sooner you can return to a normal, productive life while putting the mental pain behind you.

Types, Symptoms, And Causes

In order to best use the headache chart you need to be mindful of how your head is hurting. You also must pay attention to the rest of your body. Different headaches have different side effects. These different side effects will often point out the form of headache you're suffering from. Because the pain going on inside of your head may not stand out, these other effects and symptoms will help determine the best course of action for treating your headache.

Allergy Headaches

Allergy headaches

This kind of headache accompanies an allergic reaction you're suffering. It also often comes with watery eyes and nasal congestion. Most allergy headaches are connected to seasonal issues such as mold and pollen. Food allergies rarely give you a headache.

The only real way you can prevent this kind of headache is to stay away from seasonal allergens although the only real way to go about doing this is likely stay inside (and even then it might not completely prevent these kinds of allergy headaches).

The best way to treat this kind of headache is through allergy medication and nasal cortisone sprays. In serious conditions, your doctor might prescribe desensitization injections.

Sinus Headaches

Sinus headaches

When you feel a pain stemming from your sinuses, it's usually because you have substantial pressure backed up. You might also have nasal polyps, so if it doesn't go away soon go see a doctor.



Migraines come with and without Aura. Aura means you're seeing halos and other visuals (without means you're not). These headaches are significant, and it is important to seek medical help once these kinds of headaches affect you.

Arthritis Headaches

Arthritis headaches

This kind of pain begins in the back of the neck and moves up into your head. This kind of headache is typical of individuals who suffer from arthritis as the joints and blood vessels in the area become inflamed. The best way to treat this is with anti-inflammatory medication, although increasing the anti-inflammation foods you consume will help with reducing the pain you experience from arthritis.


This kind of headache is like a cluster headache or a migraine. This kind of headache though is instead caused by a bulge in a blood vessel way. Sometimes the blood vessel might break, which leads to a stroke (or it causes blood to leak into the area of the brain, which leads to double vision, a stiff neck, and a painful headache. Eventually, you'll likely pass out and become unconscious. So if you are suffering from an extreme headache and see double vision, it is critical to call 911 right away.

If you suffer from significant hypertension and congenital tendency you are at a greater risk for aneurysms. If you experience these mentioned symptoms, you need to go into the hospital right away. If the medical staff determines you are suffering an aneurysm, you'll need surgery to correct the ballooning blood vessel.

The only way to prevent the issue is to take advantage of a surgery (which is only available if you identify an aneurysm early on). To ensure you do not suffer further you must keep your blood pressure in check.

TM Headaches

TM Headaches

If you hear a clicking in your jaw, it is likely a headache caused by your jaw not working correctly and applying pressure to the rest of the neck, into the head.

Caffeine Withdrawal Headaches

Caffeine withdrawal headaches

Next on the headache chart is caffeine-withdrawal. This is easy to identify and also easy enough to treat. If you are used to consuming a large amount of caffeine every day and then go without it, your body dilates the blood vessels. This might lead to a reduction of oxygen flowing to your head as you suffer from this headache. If you want to correct it, you'll have two options. The first is to consume caffeine.

This works in a similar manner to suffering from drug withdrawals. If your body suffers a withdrawal the fastest way to reduce withdrawal symptoms is to consume the drug. However, if you want to prevent this from happening again completely, you must cut down your caffeine intake significantly. There is no other cure for this headache. After a few days though you'll no longer suffer from the caffeine withdrawal headache.

Tic Douloureux Headaches

Tic douloureux headaches

This feels like a sharp pain around your jaw or mouth. The causes are unknown, but you need to see your doctor for these issues. Such a headache is more likely if you are female and over the age of 55.

Daily Headaches

Headache chart

If you suffer from headaches at a chronic level, it is something you likely must seek professional help with. Your headache becomes chronic if you suffer headaches over 15 days during a month. There are different levels of chronic daily headaches, and these are identified based on the frequency (such as a headache every four hours or more than every four hours).

The exact way to treat chronic headaches will vary, depending on the severity and frequency. Anything from prescribed mediation to nerve blocks might be used in these situations.

Tension Headaches

Headache chart

These headaches are dull and will tighten around the scalp and neck. It is usually connected with emotional stress and will go away. Ice packs and aspirin can help.

Eyestrain Headaches

Headache chart

This kind of headache comes from overworking your eyes. Such a headache is more common if you look at a computer screen all day (especially at night. If you need corrective vision devices (glasses or contacts) and are not wearing the equipment, your eyes will strain harder to see, which leads to the headaches.

Tumor Headaches

Headache chart

If your headache continues to become worse and you vomit, you might have a tumor headache and need to see your doctor right away.

Depression Headaches

woman with a headache

Depression, whether it is emotional, physical or psychological can lead to headaches. The best way to treat this kind of headache is to determine what is causing the depression. Some forms of antidepressants might be required as curing the depression is needed to correct the headaches.

Cluster Headaches

One headache on the headache chart is a cluster headache. This is when you feel pain behind your eyes. You might also suffer congestion and flushing around the face. Your eyes might tear up, and you might also experience trouble sleeping. A cluster headache is likely to last a few hours. It is a cluster headache because you will probably suffer from this headache every day for an extended period.

This kind of headache is common in those who regularly drink or smoke and occurs because the brain is not receiving enough oxygen and other chemicals that are not released correctly due to the alcohol or smoke consumption. In extreme conditions, your doctor might prescribe channel blockers, ergotamine and the use of special steroids.

Home Remedies

medicinal herbs

There are a number of home remedies you can take advantage of to help with your headache. First, get a good night sleep. Ditch the coffee in the morning and instead drink tea. You should consider taking a hot shower and using a hot pack when not in the shower. Also, don't use your electronics in bed or at night as this will help reduce your symptoms.


There is a number of different headaches you might suffer from over the course of your life. Each headache comes with slightly different symptoms attributed to it. To know what you're dealing with you need to follow the headache chart. This headache chart will point out not only the kind of headache you're likely suffering from but the best way to go about correcting it.

With the chart, you will know whether you need to go to the doctor for help of whether one of the home remedies will work in reducing the pain from your headache. If you regularly suffer from headaches, keep this headache chart on hand as it will help in diagnosing and treating your condition.

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