Johnny King has a unique background being raised in  family where obesity was prevalent and knowing that it was something he never wantedA9R6D2A to battle for himself. Losing his mother at a young age inspired him to create a solution to this growing epidemic. As an expert, he specifically targets helping women who so often mask the shame in their attempts to manage their food addictions. It’s a struggle that no one should have to do alone. Johnny King makes it a journey of positive growth for the client that seeks his guidance to getting healthy.

More About Johnny King

A Peak Health & Weight Loss Strategist, Certified Health Coach,  Certified Personal Trainer & Nutritionist, Speaker and Entrepreneur who has assisted  thousands of women and men to achieve lasting weight loss once and for all!
There are millions who struggle with their health and weight for what seems like a  lifetime, losing and regaining the same 10-100+ pounds all the while, others are able to  flip the switch and achieve such dramatic weight loss with seeming ease. But how? After losing his mother to a weight related disease, Johnny made it his life’s purpose to  work with individuals to discover greater clarity of their behavior so they can implement  effective strategies that trigger authentic inner changes, bringing them lasting weight loss  and transformation in all aspects of their lives.
A9R6D2CAlthough knowledgeable on the topics of fitness and nutrition, very rarely will you hear  Johnny speak of counting calories, dieting or exercise as the key to optimal health. All the understanding in the world of “How” to lose weight is worthless if you’re not willing to  uncover the “Why” of your emotional health and vitality.

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