Kidney cleanse

Your kidneys are organs that naturally detox your body by helping to filter out food and drink byproducts that your body can not use for energy.

However, as the old saying goes "you are what you eat" and this means if you put bad food in your system, packed with saturated fats, you may suffer from problems in your organs, including the kidneys. To improve your body's ability to function and your kidney's ability to clean out waste, you may need to consider a kidney cleanse.


These organs are located on both sides of your spinal cord, right under the ribcage. To live a happy, healthy life, your kidneys need to function properly, and over time, if you do not take care of your body, you may find your kidneys can't perform as well as they should. This may cause you to have a sluggish feeling, slowing you down and eventually making you feel poorly. There are several other organs that help clean your body, and by maintaining a healthy, balanced diet and an active lifestyle, your organs should function well for most of your life.

What Is A Kidney Cleanse?


A kidney cleanse is meant to rid any build-up of toxins and other harmful byproducts from your kidneys. Now your kidneys do this naturally, so most times a kidney cleanse might not be necessary. As long as you drink the recommended 64+ ounces of water a day, you avoid overly fatty foods, and are not sick, you likely do not need a kidney cleanse. However, if you do not follow a strict diet, you might find your kidneys no longer function as well as they should, and that will affect the rest of your body. To assist your kidneys, doing a kidney cleanse might be the way to go.


A kidney cleanse need not include any kind of extensive medications or chemicals. It isn't necessary to go to the store and purchase a special product in the supplement section to improve the function of the organs and to perform a kidney cleanse. There is a natural way to aid your kidney cleanse. In fact, you might be cleansing your kidney right now without even knowing about it.

Who Needs A Kidney Cleanse?

If you fail to hydrate properly (meaning you drink beverages other than water and tea), you likely could use an improvement in your kidneys. Water is critical, not only in your overall health but the health of the kidneys. Water improves your kidney functions and washes out any toxins and byproducts that have built up within the kidneys. So if you drink mostly sodas, energy drinks or other sugary beverages, a kidney cleanse might be for you. This also includes diet soft drinks.


Even though the beverages might not contain sugar and calories, these drinks are still loaded with ingredients you don't want to consume on a regular basis. Coffee is fine unless you're loading it up with sugar and cream. Black coffee is nothing more than water that has taken on some coffee bean residue. Adding anything else to it will force the sugar and fat to push through your kidneys, which likely will leave some byproduct inside your kidney. A kidney cleanse can help with this.


If you have been consuming alcohol on a regular basis, now is the time to reduce alcohol consumption while considering a kidney cleanse. Alcohol is one of the worst liquids you can put into your body. While there are a handful of minor health benefits attributed to some alcoholic beverages, alcohol is terrible for your body, and your kidneys must work overtime to remove the alcohol toxins in the body. Over consuming alcohol may prevent your kidney's from removing certain toxins. You can suffer from a disease like jaundice if you are not careful.


If you smoke or eat a diet heavy in saturated fats, you'll want to consider a kidney cleanse. Yes, smoking is more likely to affect your lungs, while fatty foods will affect your colon and digestive system, but both these unhealthy habits can lead to problems with your kidneys, as well.

Should I Try It?

There's nothing wrong with a natural kidney cleanse. In fact, as long as you are healthy you'll be doing this naturally. In most situations, by improving your diet and hydration you'll be doing most of a natural kidney cleanse. So, by all means, yes, try out the cleanse. Much like cleaning your colon and no longer smoking, in a few weeks, you'll feel better than you have in a long time.


Woman drinking water

Your body is around 60 percent water. This means you need to be bringing in a healthy amount of water if you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Everything in your body requires water. Failure to drink enough of it will affect your brain, skin, liver, and kidneys. When you urinate, what color is it? If you're hydrated, it is almost as clear as the water in the toilet. The less hydrated you are, the yellower it becomes. Eventually, it might turn to a rust orange or darker color. So be sure to drink at least 64 ounces of water a day.


Low levels of hydration don't just lead to problems with your other organs, but you also increase the chance of developing kidney stones. If you've ever had kidney stones before then, you know exactly how painful they can be to pass.

Healthy Kidney Foods

There are foods that naturally improve the health of your kidneys and foods that help with your overall wellbeing.




Grapes are a great food to consume to help improve your kidney health. However, don't let yourself think just eating grapes will help boost your kidney health. Eating this many grapes will help improve your kidneys, but it will also hurt coming out. So sprinkle grapes into your healthy diet. Grapes help cut down on inflammation, which is beneficial if you're just working your way from an unhealthy diet. If you have damaged your kidneys from too much alcohol consumption grapes can help with this.




Cranberries are another food you need to consider. Yes, you might pass on the cranberry sauce at Thanksgiving, but in reality, cranberries offer several intestinal benefits. Cranberries are known to help if you suffer from urinary tract infections, but these also help improve the function of your kidneys. Cranberry juice is often loaded with sugar to counteract the tart flavor of the berries, so avoid the juice. However, you can take cranberry supplements or even add the dried cranberries to salads or oatmeal.




If you're looking for a reason to go pick up sushi, here is your chance. Seaweed is an excellent ingredient for a healthy kidney, and it's particularly helpful for kidneys that have been damaged by diabetes. If you suffer from pancreas and liver disorders, seaweed can help your kidneys as well. Next time you're at a Japanese restaurant you should consider ordering a seaweed salad, as this delicious dish is packed with healthy nutrients and it's low in calories.


Milk and Cheese

Milk and cheese

Kidney stones are calcium deposits that accumulate in kidney organs. Due to this, people who have suffered from kidney stones are often more likely to reduce the level of calcium intake they consume. This, however, is the exact opposite you need to do. If you stop drinking water, your body will store it. However, if you continually drink water, you'll reduce the amount you store.


In terms of calcium, your body will develop an abundance of urinary oxalate if you deny it enough, which may lead to the development of kidney stones. Calcium is required to bind with the oxalate, and this prevents the absorption within the kidneys, helping you avoid kidney stones. So if you have suffered from any kind of kidney stone in recent years, don't cut down on your calcium intake. In fact, you will probably need to increase your calcium intake as you age. Dairy products like yogurt, milk, and cheese are a great source of calcium.


A healthy kidney goes a long way in living a healthy life and maintaining and active lifestyle. There are many health benefits associated with having healthy kidneys; however, anyone can develop kidney problems, which is why it's so important to protect them. Drinking too much alcohol may cause a kidney to develop an assortment of medical problems as alcohol puts a major strain on the kidneys.


On top of this, if you are not staying hydrated or eating the right foods, your kidneys may suffer. That is why you should consider a kidney cleanse. It doesn't require any kind of extensive medication or specialty products. By following these simple steps of the kidney cleanse you choose, you'll always be able to safeguard your kidneys, regardless of your age or where you live.

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