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Finding a good healthy balance from your nutrition poses a significant challenge in a world where so many harmful foods and environmental toxins are bombarding you. Fortunately, there are some impressive maca benefits for balancing your health from within that are sure to capture your attention.

Let’s take a quick look at what maca is and its nutritional profile. Then, we will find out more about 10 maca benefits that have been proven by science.

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10 Wonderful Maca Benefits to Discover and Boost Your Health

1. Mood and Mental Focus

Among our most damaged health factors due to stress, maca benefits mood and mental focus.

Peruvian researchers looked at red, yellow and black maca varieties in relation to mood and cognitive focus. They found that black maca had a significant impact on both conditions.

2. Energy and Endurance

Energy and endurance, especially related to sports performance and sex are also significant maca benefits.

40 cyclists participated in 40 km time trials over a period of two weeks. They had a significant increase in energy and endurance, according to a Northumbria University, UK study.

3. Menstruation Support

Australian led research looked to maca benefits in relation to menstrual cycles and PMS.

Their study showed that maca acts as a hormonal toner. It also helped to balance the severity of PMS and other symptoms associated with menstruation.

4. Bone Density

The use of maca can protect against and reverse loss of bone structure that often comes to with menopausal conditions.

Research conducted in Peru points to this finding as another of the many maca benefits.

5. UV Radiation Protection

Another of the most essential among maca benefits is its ability to protect your skin and overall health from the effects of UV radiation.

Further research in Peru noted that the presence of significant antioxidant activity and inhibition of lipid peroxidation in their test subjects was as a result of the use of maca.

6. Menopause Support

Because of its effect on balancing hormones, maca benefits those who are menopausal with greater hormone support.

According to research from the Victoria University, Australia, besides improving bone density, maca helped to reduce depression and anxiety as well as reduced female sexual dysfunction.

7. Increased Fertility

South Korean research also points to higher fertility as another item among the most impressive maca benefits.

Sperm mobility and improved semen quality were two of the most impressive results of their study.

8. Libido and Sexual Dysfunction

Above we presented increased libido for women as one of the many maca benefits. But it can also assist in male sexual dysfunction as well.

Peruvian scientists linked an increase in testosterone levels and subsequent decrease in sexual dysfunction in test subjects who consumed maca.

9. Prostate Health

Often related to sexual dysfunction in males is an enlarged prostate, something that can also be effected as one of the most promising maca benefits.

Prostate size in test subjects given red maca throughout the study saw a significant reduction, according to Peruvian scientists.

10. Antioxidant Booster

Antioxidants play a considerable role in helping to protect your body from serious illness as well as more common, acute conditions.

Also among the excellent maca benefits is its qualities as an antioxidant booster, significantly reducing oxidative stress levels as well as improving insulin tolerance in the test subjects in a study conducted in the Czech Republic.

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Details on Maca

In the higher regions of South America, primarily Peru, comes a root which is a member of the cruciferous vegetable family called maca. This root has been consumed for thousands of years by highland natives in South America. A cousin of broccoli and cabbage, maca root is an adaptogen with a set of unique qualities which have caused it to be labeled a super-food.

As an adaptogen, maca helps your body protect and heal itself from the damages of stress. Those functions are typically carried out through balancing hormones.

Maca’s Nutritional Values

Most often consumed in powdered form, maca has a long and impressive list of nutrient weapons with which to do battle against stress. Let’s take a look at the nutrient content of maca and its daily values (DV) per ounce:

  • 4 g protein;
  • 2 g fiber;
  • 1 gram fat;
  • 133% DV vitamin C;
  • 85% DV copper;
  • 23% DV iron;
  • 16% DV potassium;
  • 15% DV vitamin B6;
  • 10% DV manganese.

These are impressive nutritional numbers and make maca a significant contributor when it comes to meeting your daily nutritional needs. But its power goes beyond these nutrients. Maca also contains additional polyphenols and glucosinolates. These contribute to its work as an adaptogen.

A Note of Caution

For the most part, maca is safe to consume and has been for thousands of years. At moderate levels, there are few dangers that come from eatingthis food. When used in therapeutic doses and in larger amounts, it does have a few side effects, which are mostly related to adverse drug reactions with hormone altering medications.

  • The safety of maca for women who are pregnant or nursing does not have significant enough data to declare it to be safe. Under those conditions, it is probably best to err on the side of caution.
  • If you intend to use maca in a therapeutic capacity or are on hormone altering medications, you should consult a health care professional. This is in order to fully understand the benefits and risks available with maca and how best to make use of its potent characteristics.

Wrap Up

These maca benefits should be enough to encourage you to make maca a regular part of your wellness routine. Even those who already eat a healthy diet can find additional protection for your body from environmental toxins and chemicals.

Start making use of maca today and watch your health begin to improve significantly in a number of different areas. If you have questions or comments about maca, please don’t hesitate to include them below.

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