When you are trying to change your eating habits and get on a path of vitality and health and you don’t want to give up foods that you love.  What do you do?

You’re not alone.  A lot of my clients that are trying to lose weight and keep it off are good asked me “what if I don’t want to give up this or I really love this food”. It’s common that most people don’t want to deny themselves of certain foods.

One place to go for help is enlisting the help of a food alchemist. This is different from a nutritionist. What they do is help people to hone in on their lifestyle to make it healthier.  Part of this involves recipes since, as we mentioned, people don’t want to give up their favorite foods or the foods we celebrate with. This is always tough especially at certain times of the year like the holidays. A food alchemist helps to convert your recipe ingredients to a healthier alternative while still providing you the tastes you’re familiar with.

I know a lot of people have a bit of skepticism here. They love a certain food, fried chicken or lasagna or something that they know is not healthy. Prople just crave it and sometimes you crave the unhealthy ingredients because you get addicted to it, which is also very unhealthy. With a little work, you can make a dish that will make you not even miss the old, unhealthy version.

Let’s take Fettuccini Alfredo for example. It has cream, butter, cheese and pasta. Sounds like a heart attack ready to happen with all the carbs and fat, right? Here’s how to make this dish healthier.

* Use real, organic, unsalted butter, not the blends that contain oil and salt. Butter is a good fat containing DLA, not a milk protein.

* Use sheep milk cheese.

* Use organic heavy cream, just like you did with the butter

* For the pasta use organic brown rice noodles or a similar pasta substitute.

You’ll find that there are some foods there are a little bit more difficult to duplicate in a healthy fashion than others. Take chicken for example. If you prefer to stay away from meat a good alternative to chicken is tofu or orange roughy. You have to be imaginative and it involves a little creativity and experimentation but it’s never really more labor intensive to plan and cook a healthy meal that an unhealthy one. By changing your diet the unhealthy foods you craved will no longer taste good so it becomes much easier to avoid them.


Another element of healthy eating that will ease digestive issues is to increase your enzyme intake. Without enzymes we begin to develop sluggish digestion because enzymes not only aid digestion but they also help us absorb nutrients.

It’s not just about calories; it’s about what comes with the calories. Is your food  packaged with disease causing substances or healing substances? You really have to focus on the micro nutrients. The micro nutrients are the vitamins, minerals and enzymes that accompany foods, especially the greens and leafy vegetables.

So now we understand it’s not about the calories but the nutrition, here’s how it all it all works synergistically.

* Carbohydrates: help your body absorb vitamins

* Vitamins: neutralize toxins and break down protein

* Proteins: digest fat

* Fats: absorb minerals

* Minerals: restore immunity and maintain health- without minerals we cannot sustain life.

The big element that helps us here are the enzymes. It’s the catalyst that helps the body to work with carbohydrates, vitamins proteins and fat.

B Vitamins

These are also extremely important.  B vitamins help you to deal with everyday stress.  It’s the first vitamin to be depleted and this depletion is what is sabotaging our health and leading to poor digestion.

Remember there’s no one thing in food that’s bad, all the components are necessary to revitalize and energize you cells but you need the enzymes to activate all of the chemical reactions – it’s the stimulus to initiate this process. All of your organs, which direct the complex interactions within your body need to stay healthy and you do that with a good B complex supplement.


I know you’ve heard it a hundred times before but most people don’t understand how vital water is to your organ function, digestive track and your health.

Without it your body simply cannot perform all of the functions it needs to. You cannot access the vitamins and minerals in your food without proper hydration. It’s underestimated as to  how much water people think they need.  Of course you drink more if you weigh more and the standard rule of thumb is divide your weight in half and drink that number of ounces of water every day, but that doesn’t apply to everyone. For example with someone who is extremely underweight or malnourished we would have to adjust this formula. This really is starting point number one. You can’t break down good foods without a properly hydrated colon.

Take a look at some of your favorite recipes today. Can you make some small changes to make your dishes healthier? Are you incorporating all types of foods and a variety of fruits and vegetables? Are you drinking enough water to help your body to really take advantage of your healthier diet?

Start by making small changes, eliminate your food cravings and feel vital again!

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