Mastering Vitality means gaining control of your own health so that you can maximize your energy and live a stronger, more extraordinary life.” ~Linell King, MD

Have you (or someone you know) ever had cancer? Have you (or someone you know) ever lost someone you loved to a heart attack? Do you know anybody who has been limited, debilitated, or diagnosed with diabetes? How about obesity or problems with controlling your weight? I could go on asking you questions like these, and unfortunately, statistics indicate you will answer “Yes” more times than “No”. Currently, one out of every four Americans dies of heart disease. Over 1.6 million men, women and children have some form of cancer, and more than 25.8 million or our family, friends and neighbors are being diagnosed with a prevalence of diabetes in the U.S. That means 100% of those people are sick! Tragically, they are sick as a direct result of poor choices in diet and lifestyle that will lead to weight gain, illnesses, diseases, and ultimately, loss of life. Fortunately, because this is result of choice, this can change.

Health Building Blocks

Health Building Blocks

Here’s another question for you. Did you know that on average, illnesses and diseases are approximately 40% advanced in your body before you ever experience your first symptom? Take a moment to think about what I just said, forty percent. This is why most people think they are healthy, when in fact, they are not! For example, let’s take diabetes (known as the silent killer)– symptoms are increased hunger, thirst, and/or urination, which do not show up until the disease is well advanced in your body. So, let me ask you, how long will it take for you to notice this as a state of crisis in your body before you take action to correct it? Is it possible that this disease is already manifesting itself in your body this very moment? Is it possible?

Heart Disease, Cancer, and Diabetes Are All Preventable Killers!

That’s right, preventable. If these illnesses are preventable, then this means that you have control over the direction and destiny of your own health. You control your health.

Of course, worrying about illness and disease is not the only thing that should motivate you to make wiser choices. What about how the state of your health (and weight) is affecting your life right now? How is this interfering with your family, your career, your performance, or your social life? What is it doing to your self-esteem or the way you think of how others view you?

There is a wealth of information and data available that backs up everything I’ve stated here. I encourage you to get all the knowledge you need and find what works best for you. It is more important than ever to educate yourself on your own body rather than thinking that the answer is somewhere outside of you.

How does your vitality fitness rank? Create Your Mastering Vitality Simple Plan.

This is an opportunity for you to get clear on what you want for yourself, discover what is blocking you and see what you can do to move forward. Write down your unique plans.

Compose Your Individualized Plan

First: Get Clarity

  • Ask yourself, what do you really want? Why do you want it? What are your ultimate goals for yourself?

Second: Make a List

  • Break each goal down into manageable tasks to achieve your ultimate outcome.

Third: Commit

  • Commit to doing at least one action item or task that you can start today and stick to it.

This is the foundation for making your simple plan and creating the life that you deserve. The pathway to Mastering Vitality is a journey. Remember to take it one step at a time and always to make it fun.

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