Where super-foods are concerned there is one powerful Indian herb that hangs around the top of the list. That herb is called moringa and is well known to those who practice ayurvedic medicine. We’re about to take a look at 10 wonderous moringa benefits and what they can do for your health, hormone balance and mood.

But before we do, let us make you more familiar with this exotic herb.

moringa benefits

What Is Moringa?

Moringa oleifera is a drought-resistant tree most common in northwestern India in the foothills of the Himalayas. It is cultivated in tropical and subtropical regions where its seed pods and leaves are often used as vegetables. But it is most well known for its water purification properties and medicinal use in its native region.

The moringa which is typically made use of outside India is either in powder or dried crushed leaf form. Powdered moringa is sometimes put into capsules to take as a dietary supplement. You can also add it to smoothies, other food or mixed with hot water to make tea. Dried, crushed moringa leaves can be used to make tea as well. You can also add them into soups, salads or other foods like one would add basil, cilantro or oregano.

Where people cultivate moringa for the seed pods, they also harvest the pods while young and tender. The pods typically go by the name of drumsticks. They are similar in appearance to green beans, but with striations. You can find the pods in Indian, Thai and Burmese stir fries, soups and curries.

What Does Moringa Contain?

The nutritional profile of this potent herb or vegetable (depending on how you use it), is pretty impressive. In equal measure, moringa provides more nutrition than many other foods. Let’s compare moringa’s nutritional value against a few other common foods below:

• Vitamin A 6780 mcg in moringa compared to 1890 mcg in carrots.
• Vitamin C 220 mg in moringa and 30 mg in an orange.
• Calcium 220 mg in moringa compared to 120 mg in cow’s milk.
• Potassium 259 mg in moringa and 88 mg in a banana.
• Protein 6.7 gm in moringa compared to 3.2 gm in cow’s milk.

With these essential nutrients combined within moringa’s nutritional profile, it is no wonder that it is called a super-food. There are so many moringa benefits that you can enjoy. Though moringa can have great benefits in the 10 areas we’re about to list, you should not use it as a replacement for the advice and guidance of a health care professional.

10 Wonderous Moringa Benefits: Health, Hormonal Balance and Mood

Helps Reduce Inflammation

There are significant moringa benefits as an anti-inflammatory agent, as per a study from Malaysia. This study confirms its traditional use in pain management and inflammation.

Slows Aging

Another of the powerful moringa benefits proven through science shows how it helps to regulate hormones in postmenopausal women. Indian researchers point to the antioxidant properties of moringa as the main component in slowing the aging process.

moringa tree

Improves Digestion

The biophenols and flavonoids found in this potent super-food make it especially effective for aiding in the digestive process. This targets especially the intestinal tract, according to an Iranian research. So this adds one more item to the list of moringa benefits for health.

Diabetes Fighter

Sri Ramachanga Medical College in India cited a significant effect of blood glucose and insulin response to moringa. According to their findings, combating diabetes is another of the many powerful moringa benefits.

Skin Health

Revitalizing facial skin is also on the list of moringa benefits. Researchers in Pakistan saw a significant effect on dryness, roughness, scaliness and wrinkles. They also mentioned an overall skin vitality from skin creams that contain moringa leaf extract.

Prevents Gun Disease

The Philippine Counsel for Health is taking a serious look at adding moringa as an ingredient to oral hygiene products. This is due to its ability to its ability to prevent the formation of streptococcus mutans (oral bacteria which cause gum disease). That adds one more item to the list of moringa benefits.

Mood Stabilizer

Research indicates that moringa benefits mood as well. Moringa showed promising potential in increasing the effectiveness of anti-depresants. This allowed patients to reduce the amounts of highly addictive drugs, according to a study from Mumbai, India.

Heart Health

The below belongs to researchers at Mahidol University, Thailand. This adds heart health to the list of moringa benefits.

 This plant possesses antioxidant, hypolipidaemic and antiatherosclerotic activities and has therapeutic potential for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

Protects Against Arsenic Toxicity

Researchers in Bangladesh point to another item on the list of moringa benefits. Their study indicated that the use of moringa can protect its users against arsenic toxicity.

Weight Loss Aid

The Weight Loss Manual looks to one more of the many moringa benefits as a weight loss aid. Research shows that moringa suppresses appetite, balances insulin and offers a ton of nutrients with next to zero calories. It also increases the rate of metabolic burn in those who are trying to lose and maintain a healthy weight.

fried and raw moringa leaves

In some cultures, you can see fried moringa leaves. However, do no try them before documenting with specialists.

A Note of Caution

There aren’t many side effects that come with the use of moringa. But the one that has been discovered is pretty potent. Pregnant women should not use moringa in any form. This is because it has been linked to causing miscarriages. There are no known drug interactions associated with moringa except in how it enhances SSRI’s as we mentioned earlier.

As a medication, using concentrated moringa extract, moringa can be safely used in doses up to 6 grams daily for the duration of 3 weeks.

Wrapping It Up

It’s not hard to recognize that the items listed above are pretty significant in helping you maintain your health. You can make use of the 10 wonderous moringa benefits for better health, hormone balance, and mood, as well as a number of other health benefits to enhance your overall wellness.

It is really pretty easy to add this powerful super-food to your diet in drinks, salads, soups, and even your favorite entrees. If you have other healthy moringa benefits, recipes or uses to share, please don’t hesitate to add them to the comments section below.

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