Everyone wants to be healthy

I mean let’s face it, if asked “Do you want to be healthy” no one would say “Nope I would rather feel tired and be sick all of the time.” That being said, why doesn’t everyone do what they need to do to be healthy? Everyone seems to agree that it is important to brush your teeth every day to prevent cavities and gum disease, therefore they brush daily and floss often and do what they need to do. So, why don’t more people exercise and eat healthy? Many people report a lack of motivation.  According to Websters it is “the act or process of giving yourself or someone a reason for acting in a certain way”.

Motivating Healthy Habits In your Daily Life

The people that get up before dawn every morning to exercise have a reason for doing what they do. The people that consistently eat healthy without ever going on a “diet” have a reason why. The reason is theirs and probably changes from time to time. If you know anyone who is committed to eating healthy and exercising ask them a very simple question, why?  Now, time to find your reason.  Although, motivation is a very complex and individual concept,  but there are some general factors that can be applied to everyone. Ask yourself the following questions to help you identify what motivates you

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Motivational Health Quotes

  • What are your specific goals? Remember to be realistic and to be specific, in other words don’t just say “lose weight” say “lose 15 pounds by May 20, 2015”… and chose one goal at a time…your chances of achieving and maintaining a positive health behavioral change are higher if you focus on one thing at a time

  • What is important to you about this goal? Why did you chose over others to focus on?

  • Why don’t you currently practice the behavior you are trying to change? If you know exercise is healthy for you, why don’t you do it? (ie what are your barriers?)

  • Why do you think you should be engaging in this behavior, ie what are the benefits?

  • When you look at the barriers and benefits you listed above, do the benefits out-weigh the barriers? If they do not go back and seek more information to enhance the list of benefits. Speak with a health professional, research a reputable source such as the information provided on this site or a university affiliated health information web site.

  • What do you hope to gain in your personal life by changing this behavior?

  • What do you think you will lose if you don’t change this behavior?





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