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Having difficulty breathing is not a good feeling and blocked nasal passages can cause headaches and other respiratory issues. The good news is, natural decongestants can ease your symptoms without further irritating your symptoms. With so many medications available at the drug store, it's easy to forget that there are homemade remedies that are just as effective.

Not only are home remedies easy to make, but they are also cost-effective as well. Drug makers use the many ingredients in medicines used to clear nasal congestion for other things like skincare and cooking. If you're someone who is sensitive to over-the-counter meds or you prefer a holistic approach to medicines.

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What Causes Congestion?

Inflammation causes nasal congestion, and it occurs when mucus builds up around the chest and nasal passages. If left untreated, it could eventually block the flow of oxygen in the lungs and cause severe respiratory issues. Many things can trigger the ailment such as a cold, the flu, allergies, and sinusitis. Even tobacco smoke and other irritants can cause a stuffy nose. And there are those who suffer from Vasomotor Rhinitis (VMR); it's a chronic condition that causes a person's nose to run for no reason. Although these are the most common triggers for nasal congestion, there are other rare causes such as:

  • Dry air
  • Hormonal changes
  • Stress
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    Thyroid disorders
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    High blood pressure medication
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    Overuse of nasal spray

Our Favorite Natural Decongestants Types

If you want a simple and easy treatment for your nasal congestion, the following information will provide a list of all-natural recipes that you can use to relieve your stuffy nose.

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Apple cider vinegar is a natural decongestant that thins mucus and helps to relieve congestion, while the cayenne pepper activates membranes to drain your sinuses. Additionally, honey calms the throat and suppresses coughing, and the vitamin C in lemon juice boosts your immune system. Ginger also warms the body and combats congestion.

To make this, add 1/4 cup of organic apple cider vinegar and fresh lemon juice into a bowl. Then, stir in two tablespoons of raw honey, one teaspoon of dried ginger powder, 1/2 a teaspoon of cayenne pepper, turmeric, and a dash of black pepper and stir well. Finally, put this mix into an airtight container and take one to two tablespoons a day to get rid of your congestion. Be sure to shake the solution before consuming.

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Coconut oil has antimicrobial properties and fatty acids that build up your immune system. Tea tree oil is an antiseptic that helps to fight against many illnesses, and eucalyptus oil provides relief from respiratory problems. Lemon oil fights against bacterial infections and peppermint oil relieve congestion. The essential oils combined with coconut oil creates a natural vapor rub.

To make this decongestant, mix 1/4 cup of coconut oil with shea butter and whip for about 30 seconds. Next, add in 10 drops of lemon oil, five drops of tea tree oil, 20 drops of peppermint oil, and 25 drops of eucalyptus oil to the shea butter mix. Place the rub on an airtight container and apply it on your chest and back to relieve your congestion.

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Tomato juice has vitamin C that can strengthen your immune system, and garlic has anti-bacterial properties to fight off infections. Hot peppers contain capsaicin that helps clear your sinuses; you can also substitute it for hot sauce.

First, mix two cups of V8 j​u​ice in a pan with two tablespoons of lemon juice. Next, add in two to three cloves of crushed garlic. Then, heat all of the ingredients together on the stove or in the microwave. Finally, drink the mixture slowly so that it coats your throat and inhale the fumes to open your nasal passages.

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Nasal irriga​​tion helps to wash away mucus and other irritants from the nasal passages and help breathe better.

To make this, you first combine saline solution with one teaspoon of sea salt into two cups of warm distilled water. Make sure to use distilled water or water you boiled previously. Using a Neti pot, tilt your head back and slowly pour the mixture into one of your nostrils. While pouring into one nostril, allow it drain out of the other.

If you don't have a Neti pot, you can pour the solution in your hand and inhale in through one nostril at a time. Be sure not to use iodized salt because it can further dry out your sinuses.

Radish is natural decongestants that's good for clearing sinuses and other respiratory issues. It has antimicrobial and detoxifying properties that regulate blood pressure and calms irritation. Garlic contains anti-inflammatory properties that aid against infections that cause congestion. And onion has quercetin that breaks down mucus and prevents a build-up of more mucus.

First, clean and cut five to six radishes, one small red onion, and five to six garlic cloves. Then, place all the ingredients and blend to a smooth consistency. Once it is smooth, add one cup of fresh lemon juice and add a tablespoon of organic honey.

Finally, stir the mixture and place in a jar. For an adult, take one to two tablespoons of the mix once or twice daily and once a day for children.

Natural Salt Water Rinse CINNAMON
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Gargling salt water helps if you have mild congestion. The salt soothes your throat, and the heat from the warm water calms inflammation. And, the ingredients plus the gargling motion breaks up the hardened mucus in your passages.

Ways To Keep Your Nasal Passages Moist

A stuffy nose is extremely drying and uncomfortable. It's important to keep your passages moist to ease the discomfort. There are several natural decongestant methods you can use to feel better. You can use these techniques in conjunction with the homemade recipes on the list for faster results.

Take A Hot Shower

Taking a long hot shower allows you to breathe in steam and relieve inflammation. Or you can inhale over a steaming pot of water. Just make sure the water isn't too hot.


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A vaporizer or humid​​ifier will add moisture into the air and help you breathe better.


Young girl holding glass of water

Drinking lots of fluid will thin out the mucus and help unblock your sinuses.

A towel

Placing a warm towel over your face will ease symptoms and open your nasal passages.

Why A Natural Decongestants Great

Natural remedies offer a simple, yet effective method of clearing up nasal congestion with little side effects. On the other hand, over-the-counter medications work well but can cause further irritation. Using a nasal decongestant spray for more than three days can cause the problem to worsen. Also, you can't take an oral decongestant for more than a week without consent from your doctor. You also have to be careful that the spray won't negatively affect any other medication you take. There more precautions with using an over-the-counter treatment versus a natural cure. And you might not have to leave your house to get the ingredients for a natural remedy; most items might already be in your cabinets.

Eat Foods That Clear Nasal Congestion

Fruits and vegetables

Food is natural decongestants that you can use to help clear a stopped up nose. While you're using the other remedies on the list, be sure to incorporate these foods into your diet:

  • Pineapple
  • Foods with Omega 3 (fish, nuts, eggs, fish oil, cod oil, and flaxseed)
  • Hot Mustard
  • Plus Square

It's also a wise choice to avoid food and drink that can make your congestions worse; dairy products, sugar, grains, and other starchy vegetables cause mucus.

Things To Consider When Taking Natural Decongestants

All of the remedies listed above are gentle and shouldn't cause any further irritation. However, you always want to make sure you're using the treatments in moderation. Overuse of any medication, natural or not, might cause other problems. If your body is sensitive to cayenne pepper, you don't want to use a lot or continuously ingest it; the same goes for any foods that you might be allergic to.

Stay away from nuts, garlic, or any other foods that cause you allergic reactions, and make sure can safely consume certain oils. Again, all of the homemade treatments are gentle forms of medication and have little to no side effects. But every person is different, and certain foods/oils might cause a mixed reaction.

The Remedy We Think Is Best On Natural Decongestants

We understand that when you don't feel well, you try and get well quickly. Any of these treatments can be used together to help speed up your recovery. But in regards to the most effective method, nasal irrigation takes the cake. It's not the most comfortable nasal decongestant remedy, but it works. It gets right to the source. It will wash out any particles or irritants in your sinuses, and help moisturize dry passages. Furthermore, the warm water will help to soften mucus build-up. Sea salt and saline solution are also very gentle, so there's a very slim chance that you will have a negative reaction to this method.

Which natural decongestant do you think is best for you?

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