Is there such as thing as a natural or noninvasive plastic surgery? Thanks to technology and stem cell research the answer is now yes!

You can now use live cells to do plastic surgery procedures, including face lifts and there’s no cutting scaring, stiches, swelling, allergic reactions or any unnatural appearance.

It all began with the standard technique of skin grafting, and it wasn’t working that well. Then there was a report on stem cells and how they can repair, regenerate and produce more tissue – similar to what was being done with grafting but only better.

Here’s what science found. Your very own stem cells can be concentrated and you can use their abilities and apply them for reconstructive surgery, including cancer reconstructive surgery.  What researchers found was that by simply taking your previously removed fat cells and isolating the stems cells within the fat, they reinjecting it and scars went away, tissue was growing back. The results were terrific and the application grew into cosmetic uses since it helps with skin texture, it improved blood flow, volume and puts the glow back into the skin. It actually restores the infrastructure of your skin.

Stem Cells and Joint Repair

Since then, stem cells have begun to be used for joint repair and have successfully been used on knees and ankles with fantastic results. It’s saved many people from having to undergo joint replacement surgery, ankle fusions and or rotator cuff repairs. It’s also helped with auto immune skin diseases where the body actually attacks itself and stem cells can repair this and ease a lot of suffering.

What Stem Cells Are

Stem cells are like an embryonic cell which can turn into a specified cell with a specified function. These cells can become anything! Bone, muscle, skin, cartridge, it’s amazing. We stimulate those cells to become what we want. With scarring you’re injecting the stem cells into the scar tissue so the body can corrects itself.

In the past, stem cells were collected form the bone marrow of a third party donor but now you can take your own stem cells from your own fat so you don’t need to grow them in a laboratory since they’re so concentrated. It’s just a matter of separating the stem cells from the fat. Take those cells, concentrate them and reinject them into the skin. These personal stem cells can be gathered most commonly from your abdomen, “love handles” and thighs.

Can You Revers The Aging Process with Stem Cells?

Yes! There is a “Stem Cell Lift” available for those that want a face life without the surgery.

It’s a 2 dimensional surgery that will help with loss of volume, since the fat around your eyes descends to your jowls.  Typical face lifts really don’t restore that proportion of the volume to your face and you look older, not younger after the procedure.

When we fill this area with stem cells you don’t see the bags anymore because the volume that you lost in your cheeks and the fat around your eyes is once again there. It looks smooth and nice and you look more youthful because you don’t have that drawn out, tired look anymore.

With a stem cell face lift they just use injections, no cutting, no stitches, so it’s a lot safer than surgery. The only downside is you may get a little temporary swelling but there’s no general anesthesia, you can walk out of the office and have lunch afterwards and it’s so  much safer, easier and much more natural looking than traditional face lifts.

What you’re getting with a stem cell face lift is a procedure with no cutting, no stiches, no chance of nerve damage, no anesthesia and a more natural looking outcome.

You’ve also probably been hearing a lot about collagen and silicone injections to the lips that are really popular now. Can there be a stem cell procedure that replaces that as well? First you have to remember that stem cells are alive and they’re part of your own tissues. So they will grow with you and change with you. They will move with you while all the other fillers that we have available just sit there. They don’t really move. What happens is you age and the filler doesn’t, so if you look at a woman in her 70’s that had a filler in her 30’s, her lips won’t match the rest of her face any more.


As I mentioned, with a stem cell lift everything ages with you, so it’s natural volume, it’s alive and it changes with you. It’s virtually undetectable.

In addition to improving upon skin grafting procedures and joint damage, stem cells have greatly improved the appearance of scars, burns and ulcers by increasing blood flow to the tissues.

That’s why it’s helped so much with reconstructive, post cancer surgery. In these cases the scar tissue is often very hard and tight. After injecting the stem cells the scar gets more pliable and more comfortable for the patient and much less noticeable. Again, by bringing in the blood flow to the scar tissue.


This is an autoimmune disease that can cover any part of the body and you can’t do injections everywhere on the body. There is product called the luminous cell line where they take the stem cells, grow them in the laboratory and collected the factors that they produce, the growth factors. These growth factors are what the cells use to talk to each other, how they signal one another and tell the other cells what to do. By simply applying those factors on the skin you can see how dramatically it can improve the skin.

Stem cells can become anything and they have the unique ability to find damages tissues and repair them.  It’s a fascinating science that’s helping a lot of people live better lives through its applications.

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