Tips To Maintain Your Weight-loss & Health Motivation Despite The Discomfort Of Hunger Pains

There exists a large number of people in need of some seriously effective ways to shed excess weight in today’s American culture. Dieting has continued to gain popularity in different circles. A multitude of options are available now for anyone who wishes to go on a special diet plan as a way of losing weight.

Most dieting plans produce good results, however, they are not devoid of certain difficulties and problems. One of the most common problems experienced by most people on a diet plan is hunger pain. Most weight loss and diet plans are based on eating less, reducing calorie intake and skipping meals. All these are known to result in some hunger pains that are sometimes the most challenge side effect to endure. There are however, certain helpful tips that can help you get over your hunger pains, and some of these tips are outlined below.

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Battling Hunger Pains While Dieting

  • Don’t Skip Breakfast

One mistake that can generate some serious hunger pains while you are on a special diet plan is skipping breakfast. Hunger pains are known to start between 12 and 24 hours after your last meal. Consuming smaller meals throughout your day is best to prevent discomfort.

  • Drink Lots of Water

Drink the recommended eight or more glasses of water daily. Confusing thirst with hunger is actually quite common. So drinking as much water as possible will not only ward off thirst and the effects of dehydration, but will also help you avoid adding unnecessary calories to your daily food intake.

  • Spice Up Your Meals

Studies suggest that adding a little spice to your food actually sends messages of fullness to your brain. Spicy aromas such as ginger, curry, cayenne, turmeric and chili powder all assist in controlling hunger pains.

  • Eat Live Foods

It is ironic. We will go out of our way spending extra money to put better quality gasoline in our cars, yet we (as a society) are not fueling our bodies correctly. In order to transform your health, you must regularly refuel yourself with the right foods. Moreover, those foods need to be as live and nutritional as possible. Eating live foods every 4 hours will help satiate unwanted hunger pains.

  • Avoid Sugar

Ingesting simple sugar foods will only result in an increase in hunger pains! Added sugar contains no essential nutrients and is bad for your teeth. Research has shown that the communication between the fullness center of the brain and the digestive intestinal tract is easily disrupted when we eat simple sugars like high-fructose corn syrup. This disruption leads to decreased satiety…… which then causes us to lose control over food consumption.

  • Don’t rush while eating

Eating slowly has been found to result in a sense of fullness, thereby reducing the severity of hunger pains while dieting.

  • Chew your foods well

Give your jaws some work to do. The digestion process starts as soon as you think about eating.  Therefore, by the time you put food in your mouth, your body has already started to prepare to break down the food that you are about to send it.  By chewing your food well, it will give the stomach more time to properly prepare. It will also mechanically break down the food better so that your body will better absorb the nutrients.

Lastly, be sure to recognize if you truly are experiencing “hunger” pains.  Often, our body is experiencing “withdrawal” from some of our processed food addictions.  In these cases, we are not hungry at all. In actuality, we are simply “craving” a lot of the junk that we have become addicted to – specifically Sugar, Salt, and Oil.  By avoiding or eliminating these toxic foods from our diet, we are then able to prevent the toxic cravings that we associate as hunger.

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