“Mastering Vitality means gaining control of your own health so that you can maximize your energy and live a stronger, more extraordinary life.” – Linell King, M.D.

Step One: Clarity. Absolute clarity means getting clear in all areas of your life.  That means knowing what you want, where you want to be, and what it takes for you to get there.  Here are some suggestions on how to obtain clarity:

  1. Exercise and VitalityGet clear in every aspect of your life.  Decide specifically on the goals that you desire and write them down.
  2. Be aware of your environment and surroundings; make a list of what you like and do not like.
  3. Listen to your body!  Symptoms are your body’s way of asking for help.
  4. Know where you really are and take 100% responsibility for being there.
  5. Know where you want to be and be very clear on the details of what that looks like.
  6. Put yourself there by visualizing and taking immediate action now to make it happen.

Step Two: Leverage. Determine what really motivates or inspires you…why do you want to achieve ultimate vitality

  1. Gain emotional leverage by using pain and pleasure to make your reason for reaching your goals important.
  2. Determine your “Why” and keep asking questions until you gain emotional leverage on yourself.
  3. Magnify your “Why” by feeling the pain if you don’t change and seeing the pleasure if you do.
  4. Get leverage on your environment.  Respect your culture and make choices that serve you.
  5. Use positive language to evoke positive change.

Step Three: Your Power Personality. When you take control of the parts of your personality that you deem most powerful, you can easily change habits and manage things that seem challenging (such as losing weight).

  1. Establish CLARITY and LEVERAGE.
  2. Identify the part of you that is strong and powerful.  Name it.
  3. Identify that disempowering part of you.  Name it, thank it, and retire it.
  4. Now live in your Power Personality!

Step Four: The Essentials. In order to achieve ultimate vitality you must tend to and express the essentials, which are all addressed by the information presented within this web site. They are:

  1. Oxygen: Do cleansing breathing exercises.
  2. Water: Drink half your weight in ounces throughout the day or simply keep your urine clear.
  3. Food: 70% of the foods you eat should come from fresh fruits vegetables and grains.
  4. Movement: Do at least 30 minutes of fun aerobic activity daily and add movement to everything you do.
  5. Sex: Do it often and make it enjoyable.
  6. Rest: Get up and go to bed at the same time in a clean, uncluttered environment.
  7. Spirituality: Set aside time for meditation, prayer, or some type of spiritual practice and connect with your life energy.

 Step 5: Rituals. You are a product of your habits, and what you do occasionally matters a lot less than what you do on a regular basis.  Your daily rituals create your habits, whether good or bad, which create your life.

  1. Rituals create habits – be purposeful and choose rituals that serve you.
  2. Use empowering language and know the difference between what you want and what you need.
  3. Do regular incantations daily, use your power personality to repeat who you are and who you are going to be.
  4. Plan your rituals to include the Seven Essentials

Step 6: Sustainability. Make a plan that will last

  1. Make it fun!  Choose fun activities that you enjoy!
  2. Set yourself up to win!  Build on your successes, ask winning questions, and control your environment.
  3. Reset your thermostat to your ideal weight, know your Why, and make it a must!
  4. Make a plan.  Have your foundation in place (i.e. 7 Steps to Mastering Vitality).
  5. Write your plan so that your goals state the precise title, time, and tasks.
  6. Be flexible and kind with yourself.
  7. Get an accountability partner and do 21-Day Challenges.
  8. Celebrate!

Step 7: Investment. Fully invest in yourself in every way, including mentally, emotionally, and financially, in order to fully grow in the direction that you choose for yourself.

  1. Be willing to invest time, energy and resources to get the life you want.
  2. Invest in yourself mentally by knowing your consequences and rewards.
  3. Get emotionally invested by going deep and truly connecting with what is real in your life.
  4. Invest in yourself financially to reinforce your power and reason for making things happen.

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