Eat Local Foods

Your body is designed to benefit from food that is closer to the source in which it was grown because it has less travel time, is allowed to naturally ripen, and is exposed to fewer chemicals. This means it is less likely that the nutritional values have dropped. In addition, the more your food is handled, the more chances there are for contamination.

Local plant and animal foods are generated from similar soil, water, and air, and share the same climatic conditions. Thus, they are uniquely adapted to support the life of their area’s inhabitants. For this reason, it is recommended that 90% of your diet comes from your own region ( loosely defining “region” as within a 300 to 500 mile radius encompassing all areas with similar environmental patterns).

Healthy fresh foods in the shape of a rainbow

Healthy is Eating Local

Besides that, local foods taste better! Most are picked within 24 hours of you purchasing them. this means that instead of being harvested early in order to be shipped and distributed to your local retail store, the crops can be picked at their peak of ripeness.

There are many other benefits of buying local foods, such as to help keep the money within your community and conserve energy by decreasing the need for transportation. The bottom line is, the more food originates, the more you are doing yourself a great favor.


Choose the Convenience of Juicing

Most every food you can think of has come under some criticism, except fruits and vegetables. These foods are packed with vitamins and minerals, hydrate and nourish every cell in your body, prevent diseases, flush your system of waste, reduce inflammation, help you lose weight, and much more. By juicing, you get a quick, efficient way to maximize getting high-value nutrients into your body and instantly reverse the ill effects of poor diet.

NOTE: It is best when making fresh juices to drink them within the hour so that you don’t lose these precious enzymes vital to building energy and superior digestion.

In his book, Jay Kordich’s Live Food, Live Bodies, Jay tells us that the real advantage of fresh, live juice is that you have a powerhouse rich in vitamins, minerals, lives enzymes and phytochemicals; all of which have an extraordinary healthful and beneficial effect on your body. Another man, who is crucial in the history and development of juicing, is Dr. Max Gerson. Dr. Gerson is profiled in a widely successful documentary, The Beautiful Truth. Dr. Gerson is the physician who treated Jay Kordich for bladder cancer back in 1947. Jay was only 25 years old and a strong football player for USC when he became injured and was diagnosed. He had the option of having a year to live or receiving surgery and going through cobalt treatments. Jay heard of Dr. Gerson who was referred to in Europe as “Juice Therapy”. After juicing for what Jay refers to as a “grueling” program for 3 months and continuing on a live foods program for another 2 years, Jay’s cancer was gone.

You are very fortunate today because juicing has become popular. Recipes, blogs, and articles about juicing are easily found on the Internet. In most cities, you can find several juicing bars, and in most health food stores you can purchase fresh juice or even have some made especially for you.

It is best to pick out your fruits and vegetables yourself and buy as local and organic as possible. Whichever you do, make it easy and convenient. Mastering Vitality is about making simple, lifelong changes that are enjoyable.



You may be wondering, “Are supplements really necessary?” I am here to tell you that supplements are definitely helpful, especially with today’s diet. In America, we are vitamin and mineral depleted and have hormonal deficiencies, so supplements are definitely helpful. However, they are not absolutely necessary. You do not need to be caught up in that obstacle of thinking.

The closer that you can be to the way that nature intended, the better. Whole foods are God’s foods. And as we discussed above, eating live foods that will give you energy, vitamins and minerals – is what’s ideal. If you think that you are vitamin deficient, then your primary care physician or certified nutrition specialist should be able to help you.

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