People are suffering from information overload when it comes to diets and their health. There’s so much conflicting information people just don’t know what to eat! If you’re confused by all of the fad diets let me bring you back to the basics. You need get the most nutrients as possible per calorie. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Well it really can be

All you really need is a diet rich in nutrients, and we’re not getting it. Americans consume 60% of their calories from processed foods where all of the micronutrients are lost in the processing phase. 30% of the calories Americans consume are animal products, which don’t contain phytochemicals and are calorically dense.

Under-Nourished & Over-Fed

There are 4 basic principles that you should use that will help you eat nutrient rich foods.

  1. A high nutrient density means you have to get high levels of the phytochemicals. Phytochemicals are contained in plant foods, so you have to eat your veggies.
  1. Your diet needs to be nutritionally complete. This can be accomplished by eating a wide variety of different foods.
  1. Eliminate hormones from your food.
  1. Your diet should not contain toxins, poisons or chemicals.

Another food related problem associated with our modern diet is addictive foods. High sugar, processed foods and processed commercial meats and are addicting. They’ve been designed to be that way and they produce uncontrollable cravings.

What we need is a radical shift in the way we eat. Let me give you a good place to start.

Learn everything you can about health and nutrition and gain some nutritional expertise. Even if you need to hire a coach to help find out what types of food are best for you, do it. The knowledge you gain will make you more successful in regaining your health and controlling your weight.

Going cold turkey. There are two schools of thought here and it varies from person to person. If you’re addicted to foods and addicted to sugar you’re going to beat yourself up if you quit all at once and then fail. It’s going to be hard. Baby steps are better than doing nothing at all. Get the sugar, baked goods and processed foods out of the house – all of them – and don’t buy any more. Tell everyone you’re changing your eating habits and they will be holding you accountable. They’re not going to let you cheat. The good news is every day it will get easier and easier because eventually you’re going to stop craving the junk food. In the meantime, make your home a safe environment.

Once you’ve cleaned out the junk food a lot of people ask me for recommendations on how to start eating healthier.  I’m going to give you three very simple things, anyone can do them, and it will get your first week of eating healthy off to a great start.

  • First, make a salad the main dish of your meal at least once a day. Don’t be afraid to load it up with vegetables. The more the better. Get every color in there that you can. Grilling the vegetables will add some juice to the salad since you want to limit or eliminate the salad dressing.
  • Next, you’re going to want to make a big pot of vegetable bean soup once a week. Do it over the weekend so you have a healthy lunch already prepared, which will help you stick with your new regimen. Put in leeks, onions and mushrooms, beans, vegetables, carrots and tomatoes.  You can even make a bean chili. Eat this for lunch every day or take it to work with you and add a piece of fruit to the meal.
  • Finally, since green vegetables are the most nutrient dense foods and are so integral to people’s health, I want you to eat a large double sized serving of greens, artichokes, asparagus, broccoli or cabbage in some kind of dish every day.

See how simple it can be?

Start eating for optimum health today.  You’re going to love the way you look, and feel.

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