Toxic Sugar & Your Gut Health


They’re hot topics when you’re discussing health. Sugar and your gut health. It used to be that we avoided sugar because it made us gain weight, but now science is confirming what a lot of us have known for a very long time. Sugar is a toxic and addictive element (I chose not to use the word “food”) and it is a contributor to a lot of intestinal problems like leaky gut syndrome.

Eliminating sugar from your diet is trickier than you think. You need to identify sneaky sugars, crush your sugar addiction and shift from being a sugar burner to a fat burner!

excess weight around the middle

excess weight around the middle

Let’s talk about inflammation and gut health. I do a lot of food intolerance testing and allergy testing as well and I find that a lot, probably 90% of the people I work with have an alarming rate of food intolerances and it’s because of the integrity of their gut.

To help people who are having pain, inflammation, headaches, fatigue,  gas,  bloating and weight issues, you have to look at a couple of different things. You have to look at their gut integrity, hormones and genetics.  Some of the biggest contributors to these problems are:

  • Stress
  • Gluten
  • Medications
  • Artificial  sweeteners
  • Too much sugar
  • Genetically modified food
  • Toxicity in our food.

We’re headed down a bad path we keep talking about healthcare reform and what people don’t understand is health reform starts with your fork.  We should not be going to the doctor every week because you have heartburn and joint pain and headaches. This shouldn’t be an issue.

There are 7 common foods that, if you eliminate these out of your diet, you’re well on your way to better health.  Try eliminating them for 21 days. It doesn’t mean you can ever have them again and if you find that there’s a particular food that you’re craving, you need to eliminate them too. By limiting these foods, most people start losing weight right away.

So you pull the seven foods out of your diet for three weeks

  • Gluten
  • Dairy
  • Eggs
  • Corn
  • Soy
  • Peanut
  • Sugar and artificial sweeteners.

You need to connect the dots between what you’re eating and how you’re feeling. Eliminate any of the 7 foods I mentioned, for three weeks, and then try to eat them and see how you feel. You’ll probably notice some not so pleasant side effects.

We’re way too used to feeling low grade bad all the time and we get used to that, we think that it’s normal. We think headaches and fatigue and gas and bloating and joint pain and that extra weight around the waist are just normal, and it’s not.


Probiotics are so important in maintaining and restoring the ecosystem that resides in our gut.

You do need to be careful with probiotics. If you have small intestine bacterial overgrowth you have too much bad bacteria in the gut, you can actually feed the bad bacteria in the gut with those probiotics. If you’re taking probiotics and you’re feeling worse, not better, and are getting more bloated, try using garlic and coconut oil. Then start re-populating the gut with fermented foods because they act like a probiotic they really help the bacteria take hold and you want to do everything you can to not feed the bad bacteria in the gut. The worst culprits are sugar and artificial sweeteners. Artificial sweeteners are such an amazing horrific thing they actually change the way the gut tolerates sugar and in just seven days of using it you will become glucose intolerant you get higher blood sugar levels.

Eating Out

It’s just about taking back control.  At any restaurant, and I travel all over the country, you can dine out and stick with these principles. A lot of the restaurants have gluten free menus but it’s as simple as ordering a piece of fish or lamb or chicken and getting a load of vegetables. Get a salad with oil and vinegar and if they have wild rice, whole grains or lentils, get those. It’s almost easier to eat out because you’re not to be able to get up and get seconds.

I’ve given you some great tools to start feeling better. Try eliminating these foods from your diet and see how energized you can be!


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