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Garcinia cambogia fruit

Garcinia cambogia is a plant extract used in weight loss supplements, and it has r few side effects compared to many other diet aids. It curbs your appetite and reduces fat production of your body. There are many supplement brands, but Ultra Premium Garcinia Cambogia has some of the best reviews from online users.

Ultra Premium Garcinia Cambogia, a dietary supplement typically used for weight loss, contains a chemical called Serotonin, that prevents emotional eating. There’s some scientific evidence that shows Garcinia may aid weight loss in animals. Scientists have conducted some studies on humans without conclusive results.    

What is the Product?

Garcinia cambogia fruit

Image via Pixabay

Ultra Premium Garcinia Cambogia reduces your cravings for food, especially high-calorie comfort foods.

Garcinia trees grow in Southeast Asia and India. Garcinia fruit rind has the chemical hydroxycitric acid, an ingredient in medicine and supplements. Hydroxycitric acid (HCA) may control appetite and prevent the body from storing fat, but there's no scientific evidence to prove or disprove this theory. 

The Garcinia fruit may also be called Malabar tamarind or brindle berry, and it resembles a small pumpkin. 

Garcinia Cambogia stimulates fat breakdown to produce energy in a process called lipolysis. This supplement suppresses the enzyme citrate lyase. Citrate lyase turns carbohydrates into fats.

Garcinia Cambogia aids weight loss and exercise endurance. There's another garcinia – Garcinia hanburyo (gamboge resin), which has no medicinal use.

Who Can Use Garcinia?

Healthy adults can use Garcinia supplements if they follow the dosage and use guidelines on product labels. Consult your doctor or pharmacist before using Garcinia or any supplement if you use prescription medication or have a chronic medical condition.  

A healthy will enhance the weight-loss properties of Ultra-Premium and Garcinia in general. High-fat diets will reduce Garcinia’s effectiveness, according to studies, but even a high-fiber diet will reduce weight loss results, according to other studies.  

Product Specifications

The ingredients in Ultra-Premium include a proprietary fat loss blend of standardized 60 percent HCA Garcinia Cambogia and Garcinia Cambogia Extract. Other active ingredients are chromium, potassium, and calcium to increase absorption of the supplement. 

Take two capsules on an empty stomach every day, a half-hour to an hour before a meal. Don't exceed the recommended daily dosage. Consult your doctor if you lose more than 20 pounds a month while using this supplement, or if you have diabetes, high blood pressure, or another chronic medical condition.    

The company that produces this product sells it via automatic monthly delivery, which means, you'll receive one bottle a month until you cancel the subscription. This supplement is made in the U.S.A. and has the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) seal of approval.  

A GMP seal indicates that the products meet guidelines set forth by the supplement industry for safe, quality manufacturing.    

The manufacturer uses advanced purification techniques to extract HCA from Garcinia fruit rind for a powerful, high-quality weight loss aid. The product won’t increase your heart rate or give you jitters. Ultra Premium dulls your appetite, and you’ll feel fuller when you do eat or drink. 

The FDA hasn't evaluated this product. (Supplements aren't approved or studied by the FDA.)  Ultra-Premium lacks the medical approval for the treatment or cure of any medical condition.  

This all-natural supplement has no fillers or binders and comes in a vegetarian capsule. The Garcinia Cambogia in Ultra-Premium has 60 percent standardized hydroxycitric acid, or HCA.

Hydroxycitric Acid

HCA succeeds as a weight loss supplement on its own or as part of a proprietary blend. Hydroxycitric acid, the active ingredient in garcinia cambogia, offers the following benefits for weight loss: 

Increases serotonin to make you feel happy and relaxed

Inhibits adenosine triphosphatase-citrate-lyase to suppress appetite

Reduces carbohydrate metabolism by inhibiting pancreatic alpha-amylase

Garcinia Cambogia May Reduce Belly Fat

Garcinia cambogia may stop fatty acid production and affect blood fats in the body. Some studies show that this plant may reduce oxidative stress and lower fat in your blood. Supplements with garcinia cambogia may help reduce belly fat in overweight people, according to other research.  

Obese people in one study took2800 mg of the plant extract for two months and experienced lower LDL cholesterol, triglycerides, high HDL "good" cholesterol and excreted up to 258 percent more fat metabolites in their urine.These results may be due to the inhibition of the fat-producing enzyme citrate lyase.   

Garcinia cambogia may help control blood fats and weight gain, which will help you avoid many diseases.

General Dosage for Garcinia Cambogia

Health experts recommend garcinia supplements with 50 to 60 percent HCA. More HCA may cause health problems and intensity side effects. The general dosage for Garcinia Cambogia supplements is 500 mg, three times a day, a half hour to an hour before meals. 

Ultra-Premium gives you 1000 mg per day, per the dosage recommendation on the bottle. This supplement also supplies 50 mg of calcium, 200 mcg of chromium, and 50 mcg of potassium daily.  

Take Garcinia for three months, and then take a few weeks off to get the best results. It's always a good idea to give your body a rest after using any weight-loss supplement for several months to avoid storing too much HCA in your system, which can be counter-productive.

Other Ways Garcinia Cambogia May Improve Your Health

Garcinia Cambogia may do more than burn fat, and some experts believe it can also lower cholesterol and stabilize blood sugar. This herbal supplement may make it easier for your body to process glucose. A study on mice showed that a group that received garcinia cambogia scored lower on insulin tests than the second group of mice. 

You shouldn’t take garcinia cambogia if you’ll already taking a medication to lower your blood sugar. Garcinia may also lower LDL cholesterol and triglycerides and raise good HDL cholesterolDon’t takegarcinia cambogia if you’re on cholesterol-lowering medication. 

Garcinia Cambogia may boost endurance levels for athletes (due to HCA in the plant) and keep them feeling healthy and energetic during practice and competitions. Long-term research is needed to provide evidence of these claims.

Side Effects

Side effects from regular use of garcinia cambogia supplements include:

  • Dry mouth

Some medications may interact negatively with garcinia cambogia and cause moderate to serious health problems. Avoid supplements with garcinia cambogia if you’re on medication for depression, asthma, diabetes, or if you take Warfarin, pain medication or Statins.   

The FDA doesn't regulate supplements, so you'll need to ask your doctor if garcinia cambogia may interfere with medications you’re taking or cause complications. 

Discontinue use of Ultra Premium or any other supplement if you develop serious side effects. Treat supplements with the same caution you would take with prescription medications.

What Users Say about Ultra-Premium

The positive reviews praise the supplement’s appetite suppressing qualities, with one user mention his stomach fat disappeared, even though he drank beer. Another user wrote that she lost ten pounds in two weeks and had to go shopping for new clothes.

"This pill won't work miracles, but it will help with your diet and exercise routine," another user commented. After 30 days of use, my stomach became flat, he adds. Another user stuck to a 1200 calorie a day diet, took Ultra-Premium and lost weight. 

You'll lose a little weight here and there with a sensible diet and this supplement, another person writes. The pounds come off quickly if you eat healthy food and take Ultra-Premium, another user comments. "I have fewer cravings, and I can sleep better when I use this supplement."

Most one-star reviews aren't very detailed, but "doesn't work," "didn't lose any weight," and "all hype" are regular reviews. A few people mention poor customer service and receiving charges for a free trial.  

The mixed reviews include comments like "I lost four pounds in a week, and got nausea and bad headaches." The supplement suppresses your appetite, but doesn't help you lose much weight, a few other people wrote. 

A study by Consumerlab showed that some brands of garcinia cambogia supplements contain less garcinia cambogia supplements than advertised. (Ultra-Premium wasn’t part of the study.) Read reviews and compare brands before buying any plant extract supplement.


This supplement costs about $70 and $5 shipping from, but the price may vary, depending on where you buy it. Other brands of Garcinia Cambogia cost from $17 to $60 on 

How it Compares

The Ultra Premium brand of this supplement has a fair amount of competition. The amount of HCA in each serving, additional ingredients, and serving size varies between brand. Here’s how Ultra-Premium stacks up against BioGanix and Purely Inspirational, two of its competitors.  


No products found.

Users either love Ultra Premium or dislike it; there are few mixed online reviews for this product. The supplement has calcium, chromium, and potassium so you can absorb more of the plant extract.

The extra ingredients are a definite plus when it comes to garcinia cambogia supplements. Most supplements don't address the problem people may have with poor absorption of the extract into their system.

You can't reap the benefits if your body doesn't completely absorb the nutrients. There’s no mention of a money-back guarantee on their Amazon page.    

  • Price – About $70 (60 count)


100% Pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract 1600mg (120 Veggie Capsules) 2...
  • HIGH POTENCY - Pure Garcinia Cambogia HCA Extract Maximum 1,600mg per serving (800mg/capsule) with very high 60% HCA...
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - BioGanix products are carefully sourced and Made in the USA in GMP Certified labs. Our products...

BioGanix contains a high potency of Garcinia (800mg/ 60 percent HCA). This supplement has no binders, fillers and no GMO ingredients. BioGanix is much cheaper than Ultra Premium at $23 for a bottle of 120 vegetarian capsules.

The ingredients in BioGanix are potassium and fruit rind extract from Garcinia Cambogia with 60 percent Hydroxycitric Acid. You get 800 mg a capsule or 1600 mg total with this supplement. There's no calcium in this GMP approved product. It has a money-back guarantee.

  • Price – About $23 (120 count)

Purely Inspired

Garcinia Cambogia Weight Loss Pills for Women & Men | Purely Inspired...
  • GARCINIA CAMBOGIA WEIGHT LOSS PILLS – Garcinia cambogia is a subtropical fruit. Unlike other products, 100% Pure...
  • WEIGHT LOSS SUPPLEMENT for WOMEN & MEN – Features the key ingredient C. canephora robusta, which resulted in subjects...
  • GREEN COFFEE BEAN EXTRACT FOR WEIGHT LOSS – 100% Pure Garcinia Cambogia delivers 200mg of green coffee bean extract...

Purely Inspired 100% Pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract with 50 percent HCA, 200 Count weight loss pills originate in the U.S.A. and third-party tested. Every serving contains 200mg of green coffee to boost metabolism and suppress appetite. Take three pills twice daily. The product works well, reviewers say, but it will give you stomach cramps.

There’s no mention of a money-back guarantee on their Amazon page.

  • Price – About $20 (200 count)

Pros and Cons

What are the advantages and disadvantages of this brand of Garcinia Cambogia? Ultra-Premium contains ingredients most other Garcinia supplements don’t have, but it also has a few drawbacks. 


  • Helps you lose weight
  • Suppresses appetites
  • Increases serotonin in your brain for a better mood
  • Boosts energy and metabolism
  • Has calcium, potassium, and chromium for better absorption 
  • Stops the conversion of carbohydrates to fats 
  • Helps prevent emotional eating 
  • Stimulates lipolysis


  • Nursing and pregnant women and children under 18 shouldn’t use this supplement. 
  • Not safe for people with bipolar disorder or liver disease
  • No information about manufacturing location 
  • Doesn’t work for many online customers
  • Poor customer service

Final Thoughts

Ultra Premium Garcinia contains a proprietary blend of Garcinia extract, with potassium, calcium, and chromium for absorption. It sounds promising in theory since Garcinia Cambogia has few known side effects when compared with other natural weight loss supplements.

Ultra Premium has received many positive reviews and a lot of negative reviews. The supplement seems to work for most people, but it doesn't provide any significant weight loss for other users. Few users have a moderate amount of weight loss. 

We still think Ultra Premium is worth a try, but there are better, less expensive Garcinia Cambogia supplements out there like Purely Inspired 100% Pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract with HCA.

Featured Image via Pixabay

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