The problem most people face when they try to lose weight is the lack of motivation to stick to their new dietary and exercise plans. You can read all the 100 ways to motivate yourself to workout guides. But still, if you don’t actively decide to change your lifestyle, miracles are not going to happen overnight. However, you shouldn’t be discouraged. There are little secrets to know to trick your brain into actually enjoying the healthier choices out there.

First of all, the best way to motivate yourself to do anything, and this applies to literally anything, is to start by believing in yourself. It sounds simple, but it’s not. Most people have self-esteem and self-confidence issues. But if you are convinced that you can reach your fitness goal, chances are you will be motivated to start and stick to your new routine. What follows is a list of best ways to motivate yourself to get started and actually succeed in your quest for a better, healthier life.

ways to motivate yourself to lose weight

Why Is it so Hard to Stay Motivated?

Well, the answer to this pressing question is quite simple. Distractions. We have all set dozens of New Year’s resolutions that we forgot by the end of January. So where does that initial pumping enthusiasm go and why do we lose it so easily? Be it to quit smoking, to start running every week or to eliminate fast food, we seldom put our resolutions into action because we get distracted.

Distractions and temptations are everywhere around us, now more than ever. The Internet has taught us to procrastinate. Even more, it taught is to be complacent and sometimes even lazy, and postpone mostly everything that takes us out of our comfort zone. Of course, you can’t eliminate all your food cravings, for example, and nobody says you should do. But there are healthier options that will help you get and stay in shape.

Forget the Fad Diets and Unbelievable Overnight Solutions

Another reason we quickly lose motivation is that results don’t show up as soon as we’d like them too. We all wish to have a toned abdomen and lose weight now, or yesterday, if possible. But things don’t work just like that in the real world.

If you are determined to change your lifestyle, you should forget the fad diets that promise to turn you into a model in just one month.  The only thing fad diets and crash diets do is affect your metabolism for a short period of time, and make you lose a few pounds that you are more than certainly going to put back in no time. Fast solutions might be tempting. But keep in mind that if the promised results are unbelievable, then you shouldn’t probably believe them.

Forget the “how to lose weight fast without effort” type guides because they will only make you frustrated and discouraged when the results are not the ones you expected. Instead, focus on ways to motivate yourself to lose weight that actually work and be prepared to make the necessary changes that will transform your lifestyle for good.

Quick Ways to Trick Your Brain and Stay Motivated

Your brain is an amazing tool that can work for you or against you, depending on how you wire it. Yes, your old brain can be taught new tricks! There are simple techniques you can use to make sure that your brain helps your progress and not sabotage everything you are trying to do. Here are a few quick ways to turn your brain into an asset, and not a source of doubts and uncertainties. If you follow these easy tricks, you will find yourself motivated to keep going until you achieve your fitness and health goals.

1. Meditate

Meditation is probably the most efficient tool available to us. It’s free, and you can do it anywhere, anytime, and it will greatly improve the quality of your life. This technique of slow breathing combined with complete relaxation is an instrumental part of Buddhism, Yoga, and various other spiritual practices.

To meditate, you just have to relax and try to empty your mind of all distracting thoughts. It will be a bit hard at the beginning as our daily hustle prevents us from completely shutting down. But stick to it and you will create a peaceful frame of mind that will keep you motivated to set and achieve your goals.

2. Eat from smaller plates

A simple trick to ensure that you are not eating more than you actually need is to use smaller plates. Our brain is controlled by an urge to finish everything on the plate. So if you choose smaller ones, you will eat less and feel just as fulfilled. Your eyes will fool your brain, and you will manage to eat just enough.

3. Take all the time you need, eat slowly, and enjoy your meals

Cook healthy food and enjoy it! Sit down at a proper table and don’t hurry. Take the time to actually chew and taste the food. This way you will get all the nutrients without the problems that arise from eating in a rush, at your desk or on the go.

4. Make lists and track your progress

One of the simplest ways to motivate yourself to work out and eat healthier is to track your progress. Make a list or a calendar of your exercising plan and fill it day by day. Write down the length of your morning jog, for example, or the healthy meals you’ve had. Glance over it when you feel discouraged.

5. Replace food cravings with healthier alternatives

Ice-cream, chocolate, and cookies are temptations for each of us. But if you want to lose weight and stay in shape you should avoid them. The good news is there are plenty of delicious alternatives, so nobody asks you to completely cut out comfort food. Choose over 80% cocoa dark chocolate or integral cereals cookies which have lower fat and sugar content. Replace white sugar with honey.

6. Make working out fun

The best way to motivate yourself to work out is to make it fun. Is the thought of going to the gym a nightmarish perspective to you? Then, don’t go! You can jog in the park, go to an escalade wall or even do yoga at home. The important thing is to make sure that you exercise every day. Mix your exercises up and you will not get bored of doing the same thing over and over again. There are countless training videos available online, so check them out and find out what fits your lifestyle and needs.

ways to motivate yourself to lose weight

Staying Motivated is a Daily Effort

After the initial enthusiasm fades off, the trick is to stay motivated and continue to pursue this new lifestyle. The advantage is that you will actually feel much better, your sleep will be deeper, and your energy level will rise. If you eat healthy food and exercise on a daily basis, your body and mind will be in sync, and you will know it.

Include ten minutes of meditation in your daily routine and spend at least half an hour doing fun workouts. Slowly eliminate the high sugar and processed fat-containing foods. Go to the market to buy fresh vegetables and fruits and forget the fast food court. Apart from losing weight and getting in shape, your skin will get a glowing look, you will have more energy, and less stress, and you will enjoy life much more.

You Can Do This!

You can look up “100 ways to motivate yourself pdf” or videos of motivational speakers all you want, but the truth is in the name. You are the only person who can keep you motivated, and no one else can do this for you. Remember that your brain can be controlled and turned into your biggest supporter, only if you let it.

Motivation is built daily. But the good part is that once you build it, it will stay with you for the rest of your life. The ability to stay motivated will increase your chances of success, both on personal and professional matters. You will gain an internal state of peace that is the key to a long, happy life. As you already know, our daily life is stressful, busy and hectic, but we can transform it in order to focus on what matters.

If you feel pressed by an approaching deadline, or tempted to snack on a sugary donut, or simply tired and helpless, take a step back. Breathe deep and close your eyes for a minute, then go and look through your list of attained goals. All the little steps you’ve made are important for your new lifestyle, so keep going. The key to staying motivated and lose weight for good is to take every day as a personal little challenge and make smart decisions on the small things.

You will get results that are much more impressive because they are real. No crash diet or miraculous exercise will give you the satisfaction of actually turning your life around and becoming aware of your mental strength. Staying motivated will improve the quality of your life and of those dear to you. So it’s worth it in the long run.

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