If you’ve watched the movie “Run,” you may have been intrigued by the enigmatic green pill known as Trigoxin. The film, featuring Sarah Paulson as a mother caring for her supposedly ailing daughter Chloe, has sparked curiosity about the existence of such a drug in real life. Let’s look into the details and separate fact from fiction.

In “Run,” Chloe is portrayed as a young girl with multiple health issues, including hemochromatosis, arrhythmia, diabetes, and stroke. Her mother administers a daily cocktail of pills, claiming it includes a red heart medicine. However, as the plot thickens, Chloe discovers the truth about the green pill she’s been taking since childhood.

In a pivotal scene, Chloe visits a pharmacy to uncover the mystery behind the green pill. The pharmacist reveals that the drug is a creation of fiction, prescribed in the movie for sunburns, dog leg aches, and pain from bites or cuts. Chloe learns that her mother takes these pills for her dog.

Trigoxin vs. Reality

Contrary to the suspenseful narrative in “Run,” Trigoxin is not a real drug. It exists solely within the confines of the movie’s storyline. However, the film prompts questions about similar medications in the real world.

Digoxin Comparison

The effects attributed to Trigoxin in the movie closely resemble those of Digoxin, a real life medication. Digoxin is used to control heart rate and rhythm, enhancing overall heart circulation. The similarity raises the question of whether fictional drugs are inspired by actual pharmaceutical counterparts.

Lidocaine Connection

The green pill in “Run” visually resembles lidocaine, a medication known for causing numbness when applied topically. However, it is important to note that lidocaine is not available in pill form but rather as a jelly, ointment, spray, or injection.

Dispelling Myths

To clarify any confusion, it is important to emphasize key takeaways:
1. Trigoxin is a fictitious drug created for the movie “Run.”
2. The effects of Trigoxin mirror those of Digoxin in the real world.
3. Lidocaine, resembling the green pill, is not administered in pill form but topically.

Addressing Concerns

The article dispels notions about the pill causing numbness in the legs, clarifying that it’s side effects primarily include drowsiness. On the other hand, lidocaine, when used topically, may induce numbness as it blocks certain nerves.

Frequently Asked Questions about Trigoxin and Medications in “Run”

Is Trigoxin a Real Medication?

No, It is a fictional drug created for the movie “Run.” It does not exist in real life.

Do Medications like Trigoxin Exist in Reality?

While the drug itself is not real, the movie draws parallels to medications like Digoxin, which is used to control heart rate and rhythm.

What is Digoxin, and How Does It Differ from Trigoxin?

Digoxin is a real medication used to enhance heart circulation. The effects attributed to Trigoxin in the movie closely resemble those of Digoxin.

Does Lidocaine Come in Pill Form?

No, lidocaine is not administered in pill form. It is available as a jelly, ointment, spray, or injection and is used topically for it’s numbing effects.

Can Digoxin Cause Numbness in the Legs?

No, numbness in the legs is not a common side effect of Digoxin. Side effects may include drowsiness in some individuals.

What Conditions is Lidocaine Used For?

Lidocaine is used to block certain nerves and nerve ending signals in the skin. It is often used for surgery, where pain is not felt in the operated area.

Are Medications Similar to Trigoxin Easily Accessible?

Medications with effects similar to Trigoxin, such as Digoxin or lidocaine, are prescribed by healthcare professionals. They are not easily purchased in pill form without a prescription.

Why Do Movies Feature Fictional Drugs Like Trigoxin?

Fictional drugs in movies serve as plot devices to create suspense and intrigue. They may draw inspiration from real-world medications to add authenticity to the storyline.

Can Medications Similar to Trigoxin Be Abused?

Real medications with effects resembling Trigoxin, such as Digoxin, can have serious implications if misused. It is essential to use such medications only under the guidance of a healthcare professional.

Is Trigoxin a Common Theme in Other Movies or TV Shows?

The pill as a fictional drug is unique to the movie “Run.” However, similar plot elements involving mysterious or fabricated medications can be found in various films and TV shows.

These questions and answers aim to provide additional insights and clarity regarding the fictional drug Trigoxin and it’s connections to the real world medications.


The captivating storyline of the drug in “Run” serves as a reminder that while fictional drugs may spark intrigue, they often have real world inspirations. The article unravels the cinematic mystery, providing clarity on the existence of Trigoxin and it’s parallels with actual medications like Digoxin and lidocaine.