Wendy Williams Diseases: Unveiling Her Journey of Resilience and Triumph

Wendy Williams is famous for hosting TV shows and radio, and she has talked openly about her health problems. We will talk about Wendy’s health issues, how they affected her life, and what we can learn from her.

Hard Times with Graves’ Disease:

In 2021, Wendy Williams took a break from her show and left her chair. People who follow her weren’t too surprised because she often talks about her health problems.

Wendy, who is 57 – 60, has a sickness called Graves’ disease. This makes her body produce too much thyroid hormone. She also deals with lymphedema, which is when fluid builds up in her body because of a problem with her lymph system. She even experiences vertigo, which makes her feel like things are spinning around her. Despite these issues, she still did her talk show job even after having Graves’ disease for over 20 years.

Recently, her health got worse. In 2017, she fainted on her Halloween show because her body didn’t have enough electrolytes. In 2018, her doctors told her to take a break for three weeks because she couldn’t sleep and felt annoyed. This was the first time she took time off in ten years.

She had to stop wearing her favorite high heeled shoes because of lymphedema. Her feet and legs got swollen, so she started wearing sneakers. She got frustrated when people asked about her appearance on social media.

On the internet, people talked a lot about why Wendy left her show again. Some said she was in a wheelchair and had memory problems. Her team said this wasn’t true, and Wendy said she’s healthy and will return to work soon.

Wendy Williams’ story teaches us that we should talk about our health struggles. It’s okay to take care of ourselves when we’re not feeling well.

Understanding Lymphedema:

Besides her Graves’ disease, Wendy Williams also has lymphedema. This makes parts of her body, like arms or legs swell because her body can’t move fluid well. Her sharing about lymphedema helps people know more about it and makes them feel better about their own bodies.

How Thyroid Health Affects Weight:

Wendy’s Graves’ disease shows us that thyroid health and weight are connected. Thyroid changes can make people gain or lose weight. Wendy talking about her weight helps us see that weight isn’t just about eating, it’s also about our body’s functions.

Changing Beauty Standards and Self-Love:

Wendy Williams’ health problems helped her show that everyone is beautiful in their own way. She talked openly about her body changes due to health issues. This helped people feel better about their bodies, no matter what others say.

Being Strong Through Advocacy:

Wendy Williams talking about her health helps in many ways:

  1. Teaching about Health: By talking about her problems, Wendy helps us understand Graves’ disease and lymphedema better.
  2. Stopping Shame: Her talking openly makes it okay for others to talk about their health problems too. This way, more people can ask for help.
  3. Support and Kindness: Wendy’s stories make people feel supported and understood. It creates a group of people who help each other during health struggles.

Things to Learn From Wendy Williams Disease:

From Wendy’s journey, we can learn a few important things:

  1. Taking Care of Ourselves: Wendy stopped working to take care of her health. This shows it’s okay to put ourselves first.
  2. Getting Help: Wendy listened to her doctors and took breaks when needed. This shows that we should ask experts for help, especially for long-term health problems.


Wendy Williams’ health journey shows us bravery, strength, and honesty. She talks about her journey to help others. She makes it easier for people to understand health problems. As we go through our own health journey, we can remember Wendy’s example of taking care of herself and using her voice to make things better.